Police K9 dead after being forgotten in car

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It has happened again – another police K9 was forgotten in a car and has died from heatstroke. According to Friday’s KNWA News, a young police canine with Arkansas’ Madison County Sheriff’s Office died on Thursday.

The dog, a Belgian Malinois named “Lina,” was just three years of age. According to the website for the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Lina was trained to track and detect narcotics. Lina was partnered with Deputy Cornelison and she had been acquired through donations from businesses and citizens in Madison County.

The sheriff’s office had noted that Lina was “full of energy,” and they anticipated that she would work with the department for several years.

Lina’s death is under investigation by the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.

Several police K9s died inside of patrol cars during the hot summer months – a Belgian Malinois in California died after the air-conditioning unit in the patrol car failed, and a yellow Labrador retriever perished after being forgotten for hours inside of a patrol car in Pennsylvania.

On a lighter note – a beloved police K9 was recently captured on video enjoying a sweet treat at Starbucks – click here to view.

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  1. As usual, the Sheriff’s Department investigating it’s self will most likely find it was a “terrible tragedy”! I haven’t seen too many cases where the officer has been held accountable for killing his K-9. I am heartbroken, K-9 Lina, rest in peace, you didn’t deserve this!

  2. I have to say placing the note about the K9 enjoying the “puppachino” at the end of this story was Not Cool!!! I had read and commented on that story earlier, but this post I feel was disrespectful to POOR LINA who had a handler that not only was less than STELLER , The Handler also was a worthless POS and killed this POOR UNFOETUNATE DOG!!!! This CAN”T be SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET AGAIN!!!

  3. Every K9 death is a stupid unnecessary tragedy. I don’t get it. How can you forget your partner in a car. Do cops leave their guns, clip boards, various items that they use every day to do their jobs in their cars. K9 police officers are given a living breathing precious being to aid THEM in doing their jobs, but then they leave the dogs in a police car to die. How about changing the process.
    A cop checks out with dispatch and clears for the day. The dispatcher probably knows which officers have K9 partners. Have the dispatchers make sure that when he clears he is reminded to get the dog out of the car. The dogs can have radio call numbers so they must be cleared, off duty, out of the car and safe.

  4. As I saw the headline my first thought was “AGAIN ?” with a sick stomach. This is just not acceptable. These are EXPENSIVE dogs to train, you don’t just forget them you stupid idiots. If someone who shoots and kills a K9 dog can be charged with murder/manslaughter, then these stupid cops ought to be charged with the same for killing their partners.

    • The continuation of this HORRIFIC DEATH BY PARTNER has begun to make me think THE SITUTATION of QUILITY OFFICERS hired in the USA has totally BOTTOMED OUT!!! I have empathy for the REMAINING dedicated and respectable officers THAT REMAIN in having to work with these MORON”S …. They need to start putting the names and faces to these NONVESTED, INCOMPETENT , nitwits so the general public know who they are>>> The Powers that be NEED, again I SAY NEED to PROSCUTE and make these No accounts PAY the financial loss and well as face public shunning!!!

  5. I worked in a police department, and it was a shock to learn how the K9 dogs are treated behind the scenes. These dogs who are called “partners” in public, and treated with kid gloves at public demonstrations, are called “tools” in private, are hanged to unconsciousness repeatedly, “helicoptered,” slammed to the ground and kicked in the stomach and groin – and when not being used or abused, they are kept in solitary confinement, which is psychological torture. I researched and found out this torture is not only standard procedure in “law enforcement” and the military, but that there is a lot of behind the scenes abuse of other kinds of service dogs, too, including search and rescue and guide dogs (at the “training” centers. I put up a website, but in case links are not allowed here, and you are interested, just type in Denials and Justifications in your browser.


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