Heartwarming video – K9 enjoys Puppuccino

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A heartwarming video of a police K9 enjoying a Starbucks “Puppucino” has taken the internet by storm. The star of the cute video is Yasso, a K9 with the Twinsburg, Ohio, police department.

Yasso may be a working dog, but he enjoys the finer things in life as well – including his own special drinks. On September 8, the Twinsburg K-9 Unit Facebook page wrote, “#offduty pupachino run for K-9 Yasso. Life is full of rewards. It’s not always work and training for him. He’s treated as family and he’s a good boy.#policek9 #twinsburgk9unit #thinbluelinefamily #gsd #pupachino#starbucks

Suffice to say – the world of social media quite literally, ate it up. Nearly 800,000 people have viewed Yasso enjoying his Starbucks Puppucino and over 15,000 people have shared the video.

Yasso seems to be no stranger to the Starbucks drive-through…he is hanging out the window, eagerly waiting for his turn to enjoy a special treat. For those wondering just what is in this delectable concoction – have no fear, the Puppucino is caffeine free (a cup of whipped cream to be exact).

You won’t see the Puppucino on the normal menu…instead, these special canine “drinks” are on a secret menu – just ask! Enjoy this eager K9’s Puppuccino video below.


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  1. Wow !!! I take my HAT off to “U” officer… instead of letting your K(9) partner roast to death in the car “U” are treating him to a very special treat!!! Why because he is special and so are you!!


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