Drug-sniffing K9 perishes in hot car

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A yellow Labrador retriever, who worked as a drug-sniffing canine for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections,  died after being forgotten inside of a parked vehicle. According to Tuesday’s publication of Penn Live, the two-year-old dog, named “Totti,” had been participating in a training exercise in Rockview on Thursday, July 7, when the tragedy occurred.

Totti was forgotten inside of the parked vehicle for approximately two hours before his handler realized that he was inside of the car, reported WJACTV. Susan McNaughton, press secretary for the state Department of Corrections, commented on the tragedy in a news release, “When the handler realized this fact, he and others rushed to the vehicle and began emergency care of the dog, including hosing him down and carefully cooling him with ice.”

Totti was still conscious when he was rushed for emergency veterinary care – unfortunately the damage from the heat was already done and the overheated dog could not be saved.

The situation remains under investigation. The handlers and other members of the DOC, are said to be “devastated” over Totti’s death.

On Friday, a working canine with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, perished after being forgotten in a patrol car for several hours. The six-year-old dog’s handler is said to be devastated over the loss of his canine partner.

(Photo Pennsylvania Department of Corrections)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    My Lord!!!! This is the second one I have seen today! How do these officers forget their K9, their partner and leave them in a hot car to die! These officers are ALWAYS “devistated” but that doesn’t bring these precious dogs back. Someone needs to be charged and never have another K9! Rest in peace Totti, this didn’t need to happen!

  2. Lisa Burger Clesi says:

    How the hell are all these cops leaving their dogs in cars to die. This is unfathomable to me. I would never leave my dogs, they are the first thing i remove from my car when i park it. These k9’s are their partners and for them to be left in a hot car to die an agonizing death is inexcusable. They are devastated about it, bs! They need to be punished harshly for the murder of these innocent dogs! Their dogs would never have left them!!

  3. mongibello says:

    One police dog yesterday now I read about another.
    Am speechless.
    Take ALL police dogs away from worthless cops and let them ‘forget’ their human partners instead.
    The police are not fit to work with animals, they kill their own and everyone else’s.

  4. Annabel Edwards says:

    Oh for goodness sake how can you forget a dog been left in a boiling hot car isent it common sense not to leave a dog in a car when the weather is hot!!!


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