Last call for Gigi – surrendered when owner went to college

Last call for owner surrender dog
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Gigi had a home…and a family, but today she is alone and at great risk of being put down. According to Rescue Me Tampa, Gigi’s owner left for college and mom did not want Gigi anymore. The volunteer-run Facebook page stated:

Poor Gigi. Her owner went off to college and her Mother does not want to keep the dog, due to the fact she is an outside dog that escapes frequently, will dig under the gate or climb over the 8 ft chain link fence. Sounds like she is bored and not taken care of to us… Gigi needs A HOME INSIDE!!!

Additional personality information was posted to Facebook:

She is very sweet and adorable. She has a note she is friendly with children too! She is a good girl in play group with other dogs and is noted to be tolerant, gentle, dainty and high energy playing. She has been spayed, she has also tested HW positive, easily treatable.

This betrayed dog may very well pay with her life for her owner’s indifference – Gigi has been at the facility since September and nobody has expressed a desire to adopt her. Animal control agencies do not keep dogs forever and Gigi is out of time.

Please help share Gigi’s adoption information – she could use the help of strangers if she is going to make it out of the facility alive.

Petharbor link here. GIGI – ID#A1671534

Hillsborough County Animal Services
440 N. Falkenburg Road
Tampa, FL 33619

RESCUE INFO: To place a rescue hold or to become an HCAS Rescue Partner, please email [email protected].

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  1. Vile human! That girl went to college and sentenced her innocent dog to death doing so. Like her mother couldn’t find Gigi a home, so throws her into a shelter. Gigi has done no wrong now she’s about to be killed. The mother needs to read this post and see what she’s done, not that she’d care, but it might spark her compassion into activating. I’d come home from college to get my dog, in fact I’d never have left her. You can rent places who’ll take dogs, she’d of gone with me. Gigi needs a family who’ll love her, FOREVER! Give her the attention she deserves, give her safety. Please someone on the eastern coast, save sweet Gigi !!!

  2. Please wait for a few more days… Don’t put her down please! It hurts… Please find her a home… I beg you please don’t put her down please and please find her a loving forever home! Thank you!

  3. I fucking truly hate people why did you get a dog in the first place you fucking assholes if you’re not gonna give it a loving home I hope your life sucks in college

  4. PLEASE! Kind souls out there, have mercy on this dog and give the dog a chance. No animal should loose their home just because college got in the way of this dog having a home. It is really sad that college person could not take the dog with them. I don’t understand how anyone could leave their pet behind.

    • I so agree! That girl could of found an apt off campus that would have allowed Gigi. When she found out what her vile mother did she should have high tailed it home and picked her up! She just turned away forgetting her knowing she would most likely die. She’s just as horrific as her mother… as the saying goes, ” the lead never falls far from the tree”. They both make me vomit! I wish horrible things for both of them ranging from illness to homelessness. Hopefully the mother will become ill and feeble, get placed in a county run nursing home where the patients aren’t properly taken care of… forgotten by family, alone, afraid. The girl needs the same kind of destiny. Sleeping under a bridge somewhere, cold and alone, fearing for her life daily, illnesses setting in, dirty and hopeless. Gigi deserved so much more, she is owed so much more. She’s been miserably failed by humans, those who were susposed to take care of her, love her, keep her safe. She got none of that. She got thrown away to die wondering what she did wrong, why she was there, wanting to go home…. praying someone steps up and gives her the family she’s owed…

  5. Well for the betterment of MANKIND lets just HOPE this “YOUNG VERY THOUGHTLESS GIRL ” doesn’t decide on HEALTH CARENURSING VETERINARY< for a career goal…. She should be ashamed that she didn't find her companion a home, and she had to know her mom was a positive insensitive human being… ONLY the LOVING HAS TO PAY THE PRICE OF AN EDUCATION WITH HER LIFE!!

  6. contact the shelter and ask if they can give you a rescue that would help you with transport. Please save her life.
    call (813) 744-5660 and visit
    Animal Services immediately
    at 440 Falkenburg Road, Tampa, Florida 33619.

    If you are interested in adopting this animal inquire by Animal Number A1671534 and visit the shelter at 440 Falkenburg Road, Tampa, Florida 33619.


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