Police investigating viral video of caged cat doused with boiling liquid

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In Moss Point, Mississippi, the Moss Point police are investigating an alleged animal cruelty case involving a caged cat in a video where it appears a woman pours hot liquid on the animal. The caged cat doused with an unidentified boiling liquid can be seen writhing in agony.

According to the Sun Herald, the video has garnered more than 22,000 views and has been shared over 500 times after it was posted on Snapchat Saturday afternoon and then placed on Facebook. People throughout the country have expressed their outrage. In the video, the cat is trapped in a small cage in what appears to be a carport. A man and a woman are seen in the video as the woman empties a pot of scalding water on the cat several times.

The sight of the cat reacting to the unbearable pain is heartbreaking and beyond words. On Tuesday, police officers were able to find the cat and “persons of interest.” The cat was found near an intersection in the area, and although she was not crying, her injuries appeared severe.  Officials do not know if the cat is someone’s pet or if she is feral. She is reported to be barely clinging to life. One report on Facebook states the cat died on Tuesday night, however another witness contends the cat involved in the egregious cruelty has been hiding under the house and has not been captured.

In a Facebook conversation with the woman believed to have made the original Snapchat video, readers tried to find out what happened to even prompt such a heinous deed. The woman replied, “the cat is alive n ok. I let the damn cat go..”

(Photo and video of caged cat doused via Jourden Tigpen Facebook)

Caution: The video is very disturbing and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.






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  1. Cherryl Gallo-Trapolsi says:

    It’s my dream, it’s ONLY 2nd to the life of my beautiful & BELOVED SON’S LIFE…THAT IZ HOW MEANINGFUL…That before I pass, I may rest PEACEFULLY knowing that ANY ANIMAL, ANYWHERE, GLOBALLY…sea, sky, land, forest ETC be FREE OF PAIN, EXPLOITATION IN ANY WAY! Though I realize it’s a stretch…their lives r reduced to that of NO MEANING, FEELING…WORTHLESS TO MANY…in this particular case, hopefully this woman will b punished, as many go UNPUNISHED….OR NOT EVEN JUSTLY SO.

  2. LuVonda Farmer says:

    MONSTER needs to be caged and Boiling Water poured over it SEVERAL times and then freed to crawl under the house and DIE

  3. Edward says:

    Thank you I love that idea for that was exciting so exciting you spotted me within my own personal idea for you people that are responsible for putting that poor little kitty in unimaginable pain you’re ready let’s go up with open your mouth close your eyes and that he’s got a big surprise hundred percent if you’re f****** acid we’re not done then we take out cute little chips cold try guys I’m not your f****** eyes and you’ll never ever be able to hurt anything in this world again you stupid mother f****** scumbag

    • Cherryl Gallo-Trapolsi says:

      Like Linda here, I couldn’t watch…AT ALL!!! I just TRULY hope that F’N SKANK iz caught…she unfortunately will NOT b JUSTLY PUNISHED…but I’m HOPEFUL she, & many of these “video making SCUMBAGZ ” r made an example of!!! Including the so called “crush” videos I’m hearing of! WTF? ??

  4. Catherine Staffy says:

    There is no further update of this case. Where is unfortunate cat now, if alive? Has the woman been identified along with her accomplice and have they been charged or prosecuted? These are the important issue.


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