Hero Shih Tzu kicked to death as he tried to protect puppies

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A hero Shih Tzu and Jack Russell cross named Shally was brutally kicked to death trying to defend his family’s puppies after a break-in by ruthless and heartless thieves. According to the Daily Star, the thieves brought a large dog with them as they broke the door of the family’s Wickershaw Lane,  Abram, Wigan, United Kingdom home.

Shalley, along with the father of the puppies, Balloo were kicked in their faces with what authorities believed had been “steel toe cap” boots. Shalley  and Balloo also suffered dog bites. The owner of the dogs, Aithne Ashurst-O’Shaughnessy said she believed the two dogs confronted the burglars and had been trying to protect their puppies and had bitten the intruders as they reached in to grab the puppies. All ten puppies were stolen by the thieves. O’Shaughnessy stated she had been trying to find the puppies good homes.

“Shally is eight. He had bite wounds so we think the thieves brought a bigger dog with them as that couldn’t have been done by a Jack Russell. He looked like he’d been kicked too. I think they tried to get the thieves when they broke in and were attacked because they may have bitten them.”

Greater Manchester Police have posted pictures of the eight-week-old puppies on line hoping someone will recognize them and provide clues to the heartless crime.

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8 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    It sounds more like the work of dog fighters somehow than simple thieves. I hope they find this vermin and hang them from the nearest tree after beating them with a spiked pole. B******s.

  2. Angela Corso says:

    It’s time to impose the harshest penalties to these sick people; and not monetary penalties. Then, they need to be analyzed for psychological problems. These people are a severe threat to society and animals.

  3. Karen Dennis says:

    These Bastards deserve to be kicked to death while being attacked by dogs I hope & pray the puppies get found safely & very quickly & anyone who knows about this & doesn’t come forward should be killed aswell


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