Rain poured down on Millie, yet she was too ill to cry for help

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Millie was a street dog in the region of Udaipur,Rajasthan, India. She was just another lost soul who wandered from place to place searching for food and a safe place to sleep. The villagers knew her and helped out by throwing her scraps of food whenever they could; everyone liked her although she belonged to no one. When one afternoon Millie refused to move as the rain poured down upon her head, no one  could figure out why Рthere was no blood nor any wound, and so a kind Good Samaritan called Animal Aid Unlimited for help.

When the ambulance team came to pick her up, they were surprised to find Millie to be one of the gentlest dogs they had ever encountered. And as she was brought to the rescue for treatment, her condition was grave. Stabilized with fluids and medications, veterinarians were soon able to diagnose the reason for Millie’s lethargy and raging fever.

“Our vet recognized the symptoms of pyometra almost immediately – fluid and pus drained from her vagina. We knew she would need emergency surgery. But could she survive in her weakened state? We were astonished to see how swollen the uterus had become – it was more than five times the normal size!”

The infection Millie suffered had spread, and it took weeks as she battled for her life, but the resilient young dog’s will to live is as special as her gentle spirit. To help more dogs, donations can be sent by clicking here.

(Photo via screenshot Animal Aid Unlimited)


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