Firefighters spent 9 hours rescuing dog trapped underground

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In Iwerne Minister, Dorset, United Kingdom, firefighters spent 9 hours rescuing an eight-year-old dog that ended up underground after making her way from an empty stream at the end of her garden into an old tunnel next door. According to the Daily Mail, the Patterdale terrier and miniature poodle mix named Moppett, had been missing for 18-hours when owner Rachel Stormonth-Darling heard a slight whimper emanating somewhere underground.

“I was scouring the garden when I noticed the stream had gone dry, which had never happened before. I put my ear to the connecting tunnel and heard Moppett,” Rachel explained.moppitt-2

Unfortunately, the tunnel collapsed as Moppett and her owner tried to shovel the dirt away; the scared pooch was trapped 15-feet underground beneath her neighbor’s patio. When a firefighter was called in to help, he immediately recognized the complexity of the situation and called upon expert help including more firemen, a technical rescue crew and an underground search and rescue team.  Men from Dorset Fire and Rescue Service and the Urban Search and Rescue Unit came equipped with sophisticated instruments including underground cameras, specialized equipment to break through rock, some hand drawn maps and a local history buff who knew all about the homes and underground tunnels in the area.

For 9 hours the team of eight men worked to rescue Moppett, as the dog barked keeping the men apprised of her location. And with a final pull, Moppett was finally free and in the arms of Rachel. Aside from being dirty, slightly dehydrated and obviously very tired, Rachel and Moppett are expected to make full recoveries.

‘The rescue team was incredible, I thought there was no chance she’d get rescued – it was against all odds she survived,” stated Rachel.

Many thanks to the heroes who come to the aid of those who cannot speak.

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(Photos of firefighters spent 9 hours rescuing via DWFR and Rachel Stormouth-Darling)

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