A beautiful reunion

A beautiful reunion captured on video at animal shelter

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A beautiful reunion, between a lost dog and a United States Army Sergeant, was captured on video and shared with followers of the Front Street Animal Shelter for the City of Sacramento, California.

The touching video shows Sergeant Dahlberg being reunited with her beloved dog, “Ginger,” who ran away several weeks ago. It is readily apparent that Ginger is exquisitely happy to be back in her person’s arms…

The shelter wrote, “Ginger ran away several weeks ago, and Sergeant Dahlberg and her daughter were afraid their beloved puppy was lost forever. But after constant searching, they found Ginger on our website – and you can see how happy both she and her family were to be reunited.”

According to the shelter, Ginger contracted the deadly Parvo virus while she was on her own – thanks to veterinary treatment, she is expected to make a full recovery.

Find the Front Street Animal Shelter on Facebook here.




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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Thank goodness Ginger was found and taken to a Shelter with a heart. How many shelter’s would have put down a dog with Parvo, or even adopted out before they found out if someone was looking for her. Bless you Front Street Animal Shelter, you rock!

  2. Darla says:

    So glad that this had a happy ending. As for the parvo, I suppose even if Ginger was vaccinated, she might have contracted it but to a lesser degree (maybe like a flu shot in a human that you can still get the flu???) she’s a lucky pup to have survived as I think I’ve heard it’s only 50/50 that a dog will recover. If she wasn’t vaccinated for it, she should have been.


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