Couple’s dog accidentally put down – shelter blames human error

A couple in Columbia, South Carolina, was heartbroken when they arrived at the  City of Columbia animal shelter to retrieve their dog and discovered that he had been accidentally put down. According to WCNC News, Tyson, a German shepherd who belonged to Jeff Stahl and Abby Frotten, was taken to the animal shelter after he escaped from his yard.

The couple found out that Tyson had been picked up and taken to the Columbia Animal Shelter, but they weren’t able to immediately retrieve him because they had fines to pay because the dog was not licensed and because he was roaming free.

It took the couple a few days to get the funds together – when they went to pick Tyson up, they were told that he was dead. Stahl told WCNC News, “He was accidentally euthanized. He was mistaken for another dog and that right there is unacceptable.”

Tyson’s untimely demise was a mistake – Robert Anderson with the city explained, “Clearly it was a matter of human error. When our officer went through to pick up the animals to be euthanized, he picked up the wrong animal of the wrong pen.”

The couple has not decided if they want to take legal action against the city or not.

How can you keep your pet safe? Ensure that your dog is licensed, and microchipped. Dogs should also have an identification tag with current contact phone numbers which will allow owners to be notified immediately when/if their lost pet is picked up.

(Images via screenshots from WCNC News)

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Couple delays wedding to search for lost dog

A devoted couple has put the brakes on their wedding plans in order to search for a beloved dog who is missing. According to Monday’s SF Gate, Trendee King and her fiancé James Galley, are desperate to find Theo, who disappeared from a pet sitter’s care on February 13.

The Brussels Griffon was left with a pet sitter (for the first time ever) while King went dress hunting and her groom-to-be was working. Somehow the dog managed to slip out of a door and escape near Blossom Hill Rd. and Almaden Rd. in San Jose, California.

Since Theo’s disappearance, the couple has plastered the area with hundreds of lost dog fliers and there is a $3500 reward offered for his safe return. In the midst of the desperate search to bring Theo home, their wedding plans have been put on hold – right now, the focus is solely on finding the couple’s missing companion. King told SF Gate, “We miss our dog. We miss our baby. He’s our child. He’s our family. We’re not going to be able to ever stop until we find him.”

Have you seen Theo? If so, please let his worried owners know by sending a text or calling 310-663-2652.

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Nine years after robbery, missing dog found and returned

Nearly a decade ago, a dog disappeared during a robbery at a California home. The toy poodle, named “Gigi,” was missing for nine very long years. After the August 2007 disappearance, Gigi’s owner searched for her missing dog, but hope of ever seeing her again faded with the passage of time.

According to Tuesday’s CBS Sacramento News, everything changed with a wandering poodle was discovered in Roseville, California. Gigi’s owner, Sally Butters, spoke about the stunning discovery:

I never expected it. I thought she would be dead. She’s 13 1/2 years old now, how long I have her I don’t know, but at least she’s home.

It was Gigi’s embedded microchip which led to the unlikely, long-overdue reunion. The wandering dog was identified and returned thanks to the information on the chip, and the good Samaritan who took her to Citrus Heights Pet Hospital to be scanned, reported the Sacramento Bee.

Identification tags are a crucial tool for getting wandering dogs back to their rightful owner, but microchips are the gold standard for proving pet ownership, and helping to make reunions possible.

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Dog missing after owners dumped her outside of Los Angeles

Is she dead or alive? This is the question that a California dog-walker wants to know about a canine that she had been walking for nearly two years. The dog, named “Karma,” is believed to be roaming on her own (if she is still alive) somewhere outside of Los Angeles.

The story of Karma’s disappearance is bizarre – the dog walker claims that Karma’s owner admitted to dumping the dog on the night of October 10. Where exactly Karma was abandoned is unclear…her owners told the dog walker that the dog was let out of the car somewhere in Studio City, or North Hollywood, past the 101…down Laurel Canyon. Karma’s owner said that the dog was released in a wooded area, but claims that they are unsure of the actual location. Wherever Karma is, she was left to fend for herself in the elements, with no protection from wild animals.

Screenshots of text messages from Karma’s owner are equally strange, concerning and baffling – the owner, who made the decision to abandon Karma, did so after “meditating” about what to do. The individual claimed that Karma “exhibited extreme primal behavior,” and the decision to release her into the wilderness was made for her own good – because the thought of taking her to “the pound” made this individual “sick.” The owner stated that Karma was “being returned to nature” to “Let God take care of her.”

The dog walker, who found out about this strange and concerning situation after inquiring about Karma’s whereabouts, has reported the incident to animal control, but nothing has been done.

Now, she just wants to know if anyone has seen Karma – perhaps, against all odds, she found her way to a loving home and she is being taken care of. Or maybe she is already gone…a victim of a coyote attack, or prey to another wild animal.

Karma is a 60-pound female Australian shepherd mix who is microchipped. Anyone with information is asked to phone 323-345-9993.

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A beautiful reunion captured on video at animal shelter

A beautiful reunion, between a lost dog and a United States Army Sergeant, was captured on video and shared with followers of the Front Street Animal Shelter for the City of Sacramento, California.

The touching video shows Sergeant Dahlberg being reunited with her beloved dog, “Ginger,” who ran away several weeks ago. It is readily apparent that Ginger is exquisitely happy to be back in her person’s arms…

The shelter wrote, “Ginger ran away several weeks ago, and Sergeant Dahlberg and her daughter were afraid their beloved puppy was lost forever. But after constant searching, they found Ginger on our website – and you can see how happy both she and her family were to be reunited.”

According to the shelter, Ginger contracted the deadly Parvo virus while she was on her own – thanks to veterinary treatment, she is expected to make a full recovery.

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Lost dog found by good Samaritan, then let go in a park

A woman in Stafford, Texas, is distraught after learning that her lost dog was picked up by a good Samaritan, and then let go in a park. According to Saturday’s ABC 13 News, “Libby,” a Yorkshire terrier, slipped out of a door at her home on Wednesday.

Her owner, Theresa Tiemann, began searching the neighborhood as soon as she realized that Libby was missing and she learned that a good Samaritan had picked the dog up and supposedly, went to an area veterinary hospital with Libby. According to ABC 13 News, the person who picked up Libby works at the Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital.

Staff at the veterinary clinic was unaware that the employee went to the place of business with Libby, so when Tiemann phoned to see if her dog was there, she was told, “no.”

Today, Libby is nowhere to be found – the story being told is that the employee gave Libby to a friend, who later decided that he couldn’t keep her and opted to release her into a park…hoping that someone else would find her and give her a home.

Tiemann is distraught that her dog is missing and she has no idea where she might be – in fact, she doesn’t even know if the story that she is being told is true. The veterinary hospital where she was taken is trying to help bring Libby home – on Friday, the Facebook page for the business posted a request for people to be on the lookout for the lost dog:

We need everyone’s help in finding Libby, she is a tan and silver Yorkie with a small scar on her chest. She was last seen in the Lost Creek Park area Wednesday night. We are offering a $500 reward, in addition to any other rewards, in the safe return of Libby to her family. Please call 713-826-1988 if you have any info that will help find Libby.

Libby is not microchipped…something her owner regrets, and something which may hinder her being returned home.

Family’s lost dog adopted out to new family

A California family is upset that their lost dog was picked up by a good Samaritan, taken to a shelter in San Diego, and then adopted out to a new family a short time later. According to Wednesday’s NBC 7 San Diego News, Prince, an Alaskan Malamute mix, managed to slip out of his harness in early October – his family tried to find him by putting up lost dog fliers, and posting to Facebook and Craigslist, but their efforts were apparently thwarted by the shelter who had him in their care.

After slipping out of a harness on October 2, Arlene Alvarado’s five-year-old dog ended up at the San Diego Humane Society in Escondido –  when Alvarado saw a post about her dog on Lost Husky San Diego Facebook page, she called the shelter, but learned that her dog was already adopted to someone else.

Alvarado claims that she phoned the shelter asking about her dog on the 7th of October – just one day after he was picked up, but she claims that the facility told her that her dog was not there. A spokesperson for the shelter issued a statement about the sad situation, “We’re very sorry for this misunderstanding and have offered Ms. Alvarado our deepest regrets and a free adoption. It is extremely important that pet owners have their pets licensed and micro-chipped so animal shelters are able to reunite pets with their owners as quickly as possible.”

Alvarado is going through the court to try and fight for custody of her dog – in the meantime, she hopes that his new family will hear her plea and opt to return him to her, of their own accord.

This sad situation is a reminder to all pet owners to keep their pets licensed, micro-chipped and fitted with current identification tags.






Family’s lost dog euthanized shortly after escape from home

A family in Easley, South Carolina, is grappling with the unexpected death of their five-year-old dog who was euthanized a short time after he escaped from home. According to News Channel 10, “Meeka,” a Pomeranian, slipped away from home on a Saturday and 48 hours later, he was dead.

Meeka belonged to Misty Bridges, and her fiance, Matthew Silsbee. Bridge discovered through social media that their lost dog had been found by a good Samaritan and he was then taken 24 hours later to an emergency veterinary clinic in Greenville. Tragically, shortly after Meeka’s arrival at the veterinary hospital, he was euthanized.

According to Greenville Online,  several variables led to Meeka’s untimely demise…Meeka was not wearing any identification, and he did not have a microchip, so when he arrived to Animal Emergency Clinic showing signs of breathing distress, and nobody was on hand to pay for what could have been extensive veterinary care, the decision was made the euthanize him to end his apparent suffering.

Bridges was aware of Meeka’s medical issue – in fact, just a short time earlier he had been diagnosed at a veterinarian with a “slipped trachea.” Bridges told Greenville Online that Meeka’s condition, which can be common to his breed, is easily treated with medication.

After Meeka’s death, the finger of blame has been pointed at the veterinary clinic for euthanizing the dog too quickly, and to the owners, for not having their dog microchipped. Social media posts about Meeka’s death reveal divided opinions, and overwhelming sorrow for the dog who was killed after he accidentally slipped out of his home.

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(Family photo screenshot via News channel 10)


Dog who escaped from pet resort found on dark roadway

Patches, the dog who disappeared from a pet resort in Sacramento, California, nearly two weeks ago, was found on Thursday morning on a dark roadway, reported The Sacramento Bee. “Patches,” a Jack Russell terrier mix, had been boarded at the Sacramento Pet Resort & Spa in late October when he managed to escape through a fence in an outdoor play area.

Patches reappeared early Thursday, before the sun was up. Nathan Cinder, an employee at the Sacramento SPCA, happened to be driving on South Watt Avenue when Patches was found wandering on the dark roadway.  Cars stopped and concerned passersby managed to capture the little dog before he was injured.

Patches was still wearing his collar with identification tags – after being taken to the Sacramento SPCA, his embedded microchip confirmed that he was indeed Roxanne Ullman’s missing dog, and a reunion took place shortly thereafter.Missing dog found and reunited with owner

The Pet Resort had offered a $1,000 reward for the missing dog’s safe return – according to the shelter:

The Pet Resort dropped off their reward today. Nathan declined Roxanne’s reward so she donated the funds to the SPCA.

Cameras were rolling during the tearful reunion between Ullman and her long-lost dog…welcome home Patches!

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Man reunited with dog who was adopted to another family

According to Wednesday’s KHOU News, a man has been reunited with his dog, who was adopted out to a family in Texas a short time ago. The dog, a Siberian husky named “Scout,” is Wesam Alkhani’s service dog – Scout helps his epileptic owner deal with seizures.

Two weeks ago, while Alkhani (who recently moved from Washington State to Texas) was visiting friends in Houston, Scout escaped and disappeared. Though Alkhani put up fliers and searched the area, he failed to find his missing dog. Later, Alkhani learned that Scout had been taken to the Pasadena Animal Shelter.

Man reunited with missing dog

Unfortunately, by the time that Alkhani went to the shelter, Scout had already been adopted out to a new family, and the shelter refused to release the new adopter’s name to Alkhani. Desperate, the man turned to local media for help. Alkhani was hopeful that whoever adopted Scout would hear his story and be moved to reach out to him.

His idea worked – Scout’s adoptive family saw the news and agreed to meet Alkhani at the shelter to relinquish custody of their new pet. Alkhani was elated – he told KHOU News, “I can’t even describe it. I got my dog back. This is the happiest I’ve been in a very long time.”

Scout’s adoptive family was sad to see him go, but happy that has been reunited with his rightful owner – they told KHOU News, “He’s a great dog. He’s an absolutely great dog and we absolutely loved him. We’re just happy he’s able to be with his father and that he’s happy.”

(Photos/screenshots via KHOU News)