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Young Doberman chained in back of pickup truck arrives at shelter

A beautiful young Doberman Pinscher arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center on Monday chained to the back of a pickup truck. The woman driving the vehicle stated the dog was a stray she found, … Read More

Stunning chocolate beauty returned to shelter for ‘not listening’

A stunning looking chocolate Doberman Pinscher deserves a better deal. After two years, Canela was returned to the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston because she “didn’t listen.”

In addition when the three-year-old pooch was … Read More

Man accused of throwing 6-month-old Doberman pup down stairs

In Severn, Maryland, a resident has been accused of abusing his 6-month-old Doberman Pinscher puppy by throwing him down a flight of stairs. Police arrested Robert Henry Reynolds Jr., who has been charged with animal … Read More

Lost pooch traveled 113 miles by train and even changed stations

Who is he? That’s what volunteers at the Hilbrae Kennels in Telford, Shropshire were anxious to find out earlier this week when a homeless pooch, who traveled 113 miles by train, could be reunited with … Read More