Lost pooch traveled 113 miles by train and even changed stations

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Who is he? That’s what volunteers at the Hilbrae Kennels in Telford, Shropshire were anxious to find out earlier this week when a homeless pooch, who traveled 113 miles by train, could be reunited with this family. Keep reading because the ending of this story promises to make you smile.

According to the Daily Mail, the Doberman Pinscher is believed to have traveled alone from Huddersfield to Birmingham by train – by himself! Even more amazing, the pooch changed trains at the Manchester station and was found wandering at the Birmingham station.

So where does this beautiful dog who travels by train hail from? His microchip indicated he lives in Hudderfield – a three-hour, 113 mile journey away from where he was found. No one knows how or why he had to have changed trains at Manchester – adding the total time traveled to more than seven hours riding by himself on a train.

On the Hilbrae Kennels Facebook page, the dog was described as wearing a silver chain collar, but it offered no identification or an address. The microchip owner was notified.

“…We have informed everyone we can think of and now we are turning to Facebook to trace his owners,” the rescue posted. “He is a lovely boy and we would love to get him home.”

On Saturday afternoon, the kennel posted the happy update. The pup’s name is Diesel and he has been reunited with his family. Isn’t social media wonderful?

“We are delighted to be able to tell everyone that Diesel the Dobermann has now been collected by his owners and has gone back home to Huddersfield. He was in the care of a relative who apparently let his owners down. Thank you to all the people who shared his story and offered advice on how to find his owners. Don’t you just love a happy ending!”

(Photo of dog who traveled 113 miles by train via Hilbrae Pets Hotel and Stray Kennels)


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  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    No one will ever convince me that animals are stupid – Diesel proved he is one hell of a smart dog – unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the idiot who was supposed to take care of him. I bet that jerk couldn’t find their way around the block. So glad Diesel has been reunited w/his family – and hopefully, never has to find his own way home again.


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