Charging deer gores unarmed hunter to death with its antlers

A 62-year-old man taking part in the hunting of deer near Paris, France was gored to death by a deer’s antlers early Tuesday morning. The incident occurred  in the Compiegne forest located approximately 50 miles … Read More

Man finds baby deer and takes it to a bar, now it can never go home

Recently, a days old baby deer was found curled up in the Arizona desert, likely waiting for his mother to return. Tragically, before the fawn’s mother came back, a man happened upon the baby and … Read More

Tragic update on Harlem deer

On Friday morning, good news was released to animal lovers who were concerned about the fate of a rare white-tailed deer that had been living in a Harlem, New York, park. According to reports, the … Read More

Investigation after three deer found beaten to death

Authorities are seeking tips in a horrific case of animal cruelty involving three deer who were beaten to death at a nature center in Hillsborough County, Florida. On Friday, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation … Read More