Charging deer gores unarmed hunter to death with its antlers

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A 62-year-old man taking part in the hunting of deer near Paris, France was gored to death by a deer’s antlers early Tuesday morning. The incident occurred  in the Compiegne forest located approximately 50 miles northeast of Paris.

According to the Local FR, the man, identified as Regis Levasseur, had been acting as a “beater” which is a person who helps the armed hunter corner the animal in a specific area. Levasseur was described as a person who loved to hunt. He “was charged and pierced by a deer which stabbed him with his antlers,” a police spokesman stated. The unarmed hunter died of internal bleeding before emergency services could arrive. Police said this type of death was “uncommon.”

“The antlers of the stag are like many knives piercing you, there is nothing you can do. This tragic accident reminds us that we do not play with a wild animal. There is an inherent risk with hunting,” said Guy Harlé, the president of the local hunters federation.

Just one week prior, animal advocates came out to protest in huge crowds after hunters used hounds to corner a terrified buck who had accidentally wandered near a home in a residential backyard. A hunter then shot the animal at close range. The hunting group involved in the incident had been banned for a month; the hunter who shot the deer had been receiving death threats. Hunters asserted the goring of Levasseur showed why it was necessary to corner and kill the buck because it could indeed hurt an area resident. Most people disagreed stating the animals are very timid and would have likely just fled back into the forest.

On social media, however the interpretation was very different as many people called what happened to Levasseur “karma.”

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15 replies
      • ellen cottone says:

        you guys are awesome,
        I went there, thanks for not slaming me. Its good to see you get funny, even though its not funny.
        I have waited for the Part II of bambi since The movie devistated me as a child, 100 yrs ago. it was my first dose of relity as a 5yr old movie goer.

      • linda says:

        Even at the age of 62 I still cry when I watch Bambi…….mother, mother oh that voice crying for his mom. As for the hunter in the article….oh well.

      • ellen cottone says:

        you brought that back for me linda.i got chills. I do believe it was the first reality of what Disney became famous for,
        the portrait of excruciatingly separation of mother and child, and the unbearable crushing sadness. its been done a million times since than but maybe at 5 it was felt deeply. Disney in the early 1900 went there he was the first to portray the animal family side of hunting he was the first. it is why you and I and many see animals as creatures with family’s and loved ones who suffer at the hands of crewl away that movie gave me the insite I still carry to this day. they are not just animals to be trounced upon. they have families and loved ones and they are poor and often hungrey. they are just the others who can not speak out for them selves. its very sad. I wish Linda that you and I and other good people could make real change now.their suffering and injustice to animals seem to be everywhere I look.
        well got to go jump off the Brooklyn bridge, until then friend(really I’m going to feed some stray cats, so I can snap out of the funk)

      • linda says:

        ellen, sorry couldn’t help myself when you mentioned Bambi…that crying for help from Bambi when I saw it at age 7 brought tears to my eyes. “Old Yellar” was another heartbreaking film.

  1. ellen cottone says:

    Not Karma sillys,
    Just desserts,
    served on a silver platter.
    Dont feel sorry for the hunters next of kin . they get to inherit the mans lodge and throw away all thos antliers and hoolvs gun rack and partial deer mounts. And in the bonfire they will go
    The reason why you died such a justified death was you went out of your way to be the “Beater’, you chose the path of being brutal as an animal is ambushed, left wounded and you are their to be the most terrifying thing to a wild animal ambushed and wounded animal fears most
    trapped and your ugly mug up close and the terrible things you did to them befor the bullet finally came.
    you tormented and made suffer an animal in his darkest most terrifying last moments.
    jokes on you.
    you and the buck both dead get to look at each other. in the vestibule between living and dead world.
    Deer ignores you and walks into paridise.
    The dark scarry thing comes for you next. you scream and try to run in terror but you cant. In wide eyed fear and terror you try to run but you cant, you are imobile.
    because now “the Grim “Beater”
    Comes for You.
    have a nice eternity.
    Dont ask way, it will piss them off even more.

  2. vicki hood says:

    We so love Karma. Hope the buck got away. He did a good job. To hunters–how is it that you simply enjoy killing innocents? Killing is never kind. Karma sometimes takes too long but watch for her and some of us that love instead of kill.


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