Falkor update: Abused dog receiving emergency treatment

Falkor, a Sharpei and ChowChow mix, had been repeatedly beaten with a baseball bat. On Saturday evening, rescue organizations Second  Chance Dogs NYC and Dallas Dog RRR simultaneously reached out to their supporters asking for … Read More

Zacko left to starve found comfort on owner’s laundry before he died

A one-year-old puppy named Zacko died a slow, agonizing death as he weakly crawled upon his owner’s laundry for comfort after having been left to starve to death in an empty apartment in Filton, Bristol, … Read More

Manhattan hotel owner suspected of setting dogs on fire

The high profile Manhattan, New York founder of the Dream, Night and Time boutique hotels, Vikram Chatwal, is  under investigation for animal cruelty after witnesses claimed they saw him trying to set two dogs on … Read More

Husky thrown in river to drown with legs bound in wire rescued

In Farmall, South Africa, a disturbing animal cruelty case has been reported when a husky was found in a river with his legs bound in wire in an apparent deliberate attempt to drown the dog. … Read More

Rescue organizations band together to help dog beaten with baseball bat

Although it is beyond comprehension how anyone could be so cruel as to beat a senior dog repeatedly with a baseball bat, the despicable act has been inflicted on a dog from Texas now dubbed … Read More

Starving puppy found tied to ladder with 6″ USB wire

A Jackson, Tennessee man has been charged with animal cruelty after authorities found an eight-week-old starving puppy tied to a ladder with a six-inch USB wire making it nearly impossible for the animal to move. … Read More

12-year-old paralyzed dog dumped on street in plastic container

To most people, it is  beyond comprehension understanding how anyone could abandon a 12-year-old, paralyzed dog on a street in South Florida. And there it was – a startling reality – the heartbreaking vision of … Read More

Dogs’ outside bowl filled with antifreeze poisoned treats

A Latrobe, Pennsylvania woman hopes her dogs survive after someone left treats poisoned with antifreeze in their outdoors bowl in her fenced-in yard on Thursday. According to WtaeNews, the dog owner, who declined to be … Read More

Donkeys latest victims of slaughter for ‘medicinal purpose’ in Far East

The National Council of SPCAs has confirmed that donkeys are the latest victims of the trade in animal parts “for medicinal purposes” to the Far East, according to the organization’s South Africa area’s press release.Read More

Dog shot in face during casual encounter

In a disturbing crime out of Mobile, Alabama, a one-year-old dog doing nothing but wagging his tail was shot in the face on Wednesday night as three men walked by while the dog and his … Read More