Meadow: Lifetime of breeding and then tossed out onto street

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In San Antonio, Texas, the shell of a beautiful Old English bulldog was found languishing in a ditch. It would seem Meadow’s entire life must have been spent giving birth to litter after litter, and when she could no longer be bred, she was tossed out as if she was yesterday’s trash.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC rescued the eight-year-old, filthy and undernourished dog on Thursday. She is friendly with people and dogs. According to the veterinarian staff, she is very sweet, however she requires medical care and treatment from a lifetime of neglect. Dubbed Meadow, this sweet girl weighs 50 pounds, is heartworm positive and has dry eye.

Share Meadow’s story. Backyard breeders – a term used to describe dog breeders with little experience or knowledge are often amateur animal breeders and their dogs are only kept for the sole purpose of continuously turning out puppies. Puppy mills are commercial breeding facilities that mass produce dogs (and cats) and sells their “products” via the Internet of to pet stores. Kittens and puppies are often taken from their mothers at an early age and may suffer both physical and emotional problems.

Will you help Meadow start her new life? Please donate & help!
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  1. These backyard breeders need to be arrested and put in jail for the rest of their lives and whatever profits they’ve made off of the puppies they’ve sold, show be confiscated and given to the shelters that try to rehabilitate the mother dog. These people have dollar signs for a heart and there is no redeeming factor about them. Heartless as well as soul less to do this to animals for their own greed and throw the mother dog out when she can breed no more.

  2. The word ‘Breeder’ is just a fancy name for Puppy Mill – they can claim otherwise but they ALL dump dogs after they can no longer produce and/or puppies are born with defects and are unable to sell. I don’t care what anyone says – breeders are on the exact same level as puppy mills – they are all partly responsible for overcrowded shelters, which, of course, they refuse to admit.

  3. Thank you RDR for saving Meadow. It’s disgusting how people use dogs for pure profit and then throw them away when they can no longer produce. Find your best friends in shelters and rescue orgs.

  4. I adopted Meadow from RDR and i have to say she was a mess, not only with heartwrom and the eye infections that come from dry eye but with an overload of skin infections.No one knows how long she was out on her own but once she started to feel secure( in knowing that her next meal was guarunteed,and that she would have much much affection lavished on her)her very amazing sweet self began to emerge. She does not leave my side,loves anything she gets in the way of treats, and gives the sloppiest kisses in the world. She learns quickly and is willing to do what it takes to get along(except share her food!)with my other two furkids. I am one lucky fur-momma to have her teach me so many ways to be kind.


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