Soldiers in Greece torment dog before throwing pup over cliff

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In a shocking discovery playing out on a viral video, two soldiers from Greece tormented a dog before throwing the defenseless pup over a cliff. The incident occurred a few months ago at a military unit in Epirus, Greece.

According to the Greek Reporter, the General Staff of the Greek Land Forces ordered an investigation on Sunday after the video hit social media showing the abuse. Posted on Facebook early Sunday morning and later removed, two soldiers are shown grabbing the dog by his legs, swinging him and then tossing him off a cliff. A third soldier, filming the animal cruelty, can be overheard yelling while the dog is crying in fear.

“No, jerks! What are you doing jerks?!,” the soldier could be heard scolding his companions.

According to records, the soldiers are not permanent members of the Greek Army and have been identified. Their names have been submitted to the authorities, and police are expected to charge them with animal cruelty.

Reports state the dog miraculously survived the abuse, and a retired man in a nearby village found the dog and is helping the pup recover. The dog will soon be moved to an animal rescue organization nearby where he will receive needed medical help.


Greece has a stray dog problem because of an economy collapse as families have become unable to care for their pets. The government has recently drafted a new bill requiring all animal owners to spay or neuter their pets or pay a special tax if they are breeding dogs.

(Photos via freezeshots from  recently removed Facebook video)

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24 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Am so glad the pup survived! These people should be prosecuted, thrown in jail and the key to the cell thrown in the ocean!

  2. Theresa says:

    Punishment for the soldiers of the cruelty act throw them over a cliff high enough so they both fucking die dirt bags

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    So instead of videoing the “Jerks” why didn’t the fool try to stop the abuse? It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, there on animal abusers! I hope the dog recovers and I hope these “members of the Greek Army” are punished!

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another bunch of human maggots who deserve exactly what they gave to an innocent defenseless dog – the ultimate punishment – they should be hogtied and thrown off the highest cliff – their treatment of an animal shows what they are – useless wastes of flesh and bone – AND to the person who videoed this cruelty, and did nothing but yell – grow a damn backbone – you could have stopped it but were too busy filming it to step up. Thank God the dog did survive and is getting the medical help he needs.

  5. vicki hood says:

    Justice please—Severe punishment please. This is a very bad reflection on the country itself. The retired gentleman should be commended for helping and the miraculous save. Bless that pup. He deserves a good loving home. Public needs to honor prosecution, the retired gentleman and the pup. Please publicise all. Shame and publicise the sewer scum that did the sick deed.

  6. ChrisEvans says:

    & we allow theses Bastards to help look after the Country they live in ??Why can they not have the same punishment as the pup did only hope they survive it But get no treatment Really they should be shot but only wounded & left to fend for themselves but first polish the rounds with Brasso then don’t wipe it all off leave a residue they will then perhaps get Blood poisoning & die a painful death Bastards

  7. RED says:

    Than you to the man who rescued this precious animal. Now through the bastards off the cliff that did this…..see if they survive.
    IDIOTS, MONSTERS…..and they are SOLDIERS?!?!?! Heaven help them all.

  8. Nadya Rossi says:

    Greeks are incredibly cruel to animals. That’s why I will never spend any money there, nor do I have a desire to visit there.

  9. Cristy says:

    Soldiers???? They are supposed to protect & save lives, no matter if they are human or fur babies. They need kicked out of the services and all their funding rights stripped from them. They should be punished for tormenting the fur baby and for trying to kill it.

  10. Marni says:

    So glad they were identified. Good for that man who found the dog and is taking care of him and I am glad there is a law about spay and neutering their dogs. that needs to happen all over the world.
    Shame on those immature and cruel soldiers who can be so evil

  11. Luana Duncan says:

    WTF??? Poor doggy, I’m glad 2 hear he survived!! I hope someone will give him a good 4ever home!! And I hope these 2 guys get the worst punishment for their animal cruelty!!! Please don’t let them get off easy!! The video I’m sure shows they just didn’t give a shit about the poor dog!

  12. Dee says:

    Why do people film the abuse but do nothing about it. You are guilty of filming it and you should be charged too. If they charged the people who do this. Would they stop and help. All bastards

  13. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I am glad that the puppy survived. I surely hope those idiot soldiers get punished and throw their stupid added off the cliff.

  14. Scott Rondeau says:

    WTH?? Karma plus a 1 way express ticket to burn in Hell worthless scumbag asshole butt ugly piece of shit trash responsible for allowing the heinous unjustified barbaric intentional cruelty of an innocent life!!!!

  15. Scott Rondeau says:

    WTH?? Karma plus a 1 way express ticket to burn in Hell worthless scumbag asshole butt ugly piece of shit trash photographer included responsible for the heinous unjustified barbaric intentional cruelty of an innocent life!!!!


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