Rescuer holds dying dog’s paw during his last hour of life

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Indeed monsters walk among us. Star’s story, or rather the end of his story, deserves to be told. His life counted, even while his rescuer held his paw as the dog fought valiantly for his life. Tragically, his condition was terminal.


On Friday afternoon, Star was rescued; he had been dumped and when found by walkers had been in the end stages of “full blown parvo.” Animal Heaven Animal Rescue in Castleisland, Ireland was called to help.

“He was dumped knowing he was dying. I’m in rescue all my life and sadly this is not new to me or any other rescuers. What a horrible thing to do to him. He must have been suffering for days somewhere. He could have been saved if rushed to a vet on day one,” his rescuer posted on the organization’s Facebook page.

Sadly, Star didn’t mean much to his former owner. There were scars on his mouth and jaw. His starved body was covered in fleas, his teeth were chipped, and he didn’t even wear a collar nor did he have a required microchip.

“For the last hour I held your dog with all my heart. I would have rang you if he was chipped, but we know why you did not want to hear my voice or chip him.”

When found, Star was cold and afraid. He cried; maybe for his owner who deserted him, because we all know how loyal dogs are.  His rescuer hugged him and softly whispered for him not to be afraid.

“Very soon he would meet my dogs from the Bridge. I would hold him til they came. A beautiful land full of love and hope. Warm days with the sun on his back,” Star’s rescuer described. “Never be hungry or cold again.”

In his ear, Star’s rescuer promised the dying dog he would make new friends and meet humans who gave their lives to save dogs just like him.

“Then my boy. You’ll know. The rescuers are real.”

Star took his last breath; his beautiful face was kissed one last time as he made his journey to the Bridge. His rescuer knows that monsters walk among us, and he hopes Star’s owner sees his dog’s photos and perhaps feels guilty and never does such a heinous crime against a dog again.

Go gently into the night Star. You were loved, and your life was important.


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24 replies
  1. Marsha Squibb says:

    How can a “human” do this to another creature????? Most humans are not worth the “powder to pound them to hell”!I hope this person dies alone and in agony!You S.O.B!!!!!!

  2. Theresa says:

    To the fucking low life loser that dumped this beautiful innocent animal to die alone I only wish that you come down with the illness and it kills you worthless fucking piece of shit

  3. Jacqueline Kenny says:

    People are so cruel poor dog had to suffer so much. I grew up in Ireland witnessing terrible animal abuse…. so sickening it has affected me my whole life. Today I love my animals and have rescued many. Sad to see there are still abusers getting away with this spay and neuter if you have animals show some responsibility and kindness instead of being a loser!

  4. Pamela Bolton says:

    HUMANS are the biggest disease on this earth. This proves it. The bad ones FAR outnumber the good ones. Love to you Star. Those who never knew you, LOVE you. Run free and be happy.

  5. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Can they post pictures of the dog so somebody will come forward that knows him? At least try to find his POS owner and prosecute him! RIP Star your life did matter and you were loved.

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    How sad his life ended like this, Bless Star’s rescuer for doing for him what his owners obviously weren’t responsible enough to do. He didn’t die alone, he did die loved.

  7. Star Shelley says:

    This is so sad, broke my heart, that this previous soul had to suffer so much. Dann the monster irresponsible human who so cowardly just threw him away like trash. I prayer this asshole has no peace in his/her black heart, soul and mind with nightmares for the rest of his/her pathic life. Sweet dreams Star. Rest in peace my love.

  8. Adrienne says:

    Why people do this to animals no one knows but many reasons are those we are all too aware of. Why have a dog if you can’t take care him/her both in good times and bad. If you didn’t want Star anymore for whatever reason, you should have taken him to a no kill shelter and given him a chance at getting well again and being in a loving home but you choose to take the cowards way out and shurk you responsibility and abandon you dog in his time of need. I pray that if you have children, they do the same to you when you get ill and abandon you. RIP Star and run free with all your new friends.

  9. Chris Evans says:

    What an awful end to a dogs life we only have them for a few years I do think it was an awful end for Star but he is no longer in pain nor will he ever want for anything more from this awful place called Earth,we know how to look after dogs this is why we get them its not too much trouble top look after a dog if it is DONT GET ONE
    I am 66 years old male but reading this its brought tears to my eyes

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    I would have no problem ending the life of the maggot puke who did this to Star – not one guilty feeling whatsoever. In fact, I would probably enjoy it.

  11. Darla G says:

    While I cry for Star, I know there are some things worse than death…..and poor Star had to endure those things. His loyalty got him nothing except pain. Run free, Star, you will never be hungry or in pain again.

  12. PAMELA D says:

    I hope these POS scumbags are dying in severe pain and they get dumped. I am really sick of these fucked up mentally sick subhumans walking this earth. I just hope they slowly rot in pain and then they are set on fire while alive. I hate every animal abuser and I wish I wish I was present to save the animal from these sick cowards. Rot and die animal abusers slowly in pain.

  13. Beverley says:

    I have to agree….my heart is broken when people throw their pets away to defend for themselves..I have one thing yo say…God gave us the privilege to care and look after the animals…His watching you evil people how you treat His Creation….Jesus is coming again soon and you won’t get away with your evil behaviour to His animals….????????????


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