Heartbreaking: Two dogs refused to be surrendered to Houston animal shelter

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Some days are just more heartbreaking than others in the world of animal rescue. Ask volunteer Ann Flores who photographed two dogs lying on the ground outside of the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston. How the dogs knew they didn’t want to go into the building might not be a mystery; dogs are intelligent and can smell danger. Sadly, their owners laughed when they had to carry the dogs into the shelter, knowing that the dogs would most likely be euthanized. Surrendered pets are always the first to die.

According to the Daily Mail, both dogs named Truman and Mandi, suffered from heartworms. Mandi had mange and her eyes were so infected, she could barely see. Their time at the shelter was limited; Houston and Harris County Animal Volunteers quickly got busy and sent out pleas for help over social media.

And it worked. Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue and Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue stepped forward to help. Foster homes were arranged. Poor Truman was so traumatized by his experience, rescuers had to carry him out to the car, but slowly he was able to unwind and is being fostered by volunteer Christina Caballero along with her dog and cats. Mandi left the shelter the day after Truman. She lives with her foster mom, Jackie Duncan and is learning how to love.

Interested in fostering or adopting? Please contact Houston and Harris County Animal Volunteers. You could save a life and find a new best friend.

(Photos via Facebook Ann Flores)


Check out their YouTube video:

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20 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    What a POSITIVE CHANGE ::: I am IN SHOCK and AWE and actually pleased that HARRIS COUNTY VOLUNTEER”S at the SHELTER::: REALLY went to bat for this little “broken family” AS for the “PUTRED OWNERS ” that laughed at the impending DEATH SENTENCE they were imposing on their neglected Pets !!! My they Meet a FATE that THEY SO DESERVE!!!

  2. JEANETTE says:

    you can get worm medicine quite cheap if you look around. there is No excuse for these two dogs to be in their sad condition.

    • Darla G says:

      Heartworm preventative isn’t quite as cheap as other type of dewormers. My Labs are each around 70 pounds and I think the Heartworm preventative pill is $10 each per month (and I don’t get it directly from the vet or it would be twice that much). These dogs look to be smaller but even at $20 per month, it’s much cheaper than to treat heartworms. These heartless POS owners probably spend more than $20 a month on Starbucks.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Bless the volunteers and the fosters that saved these dogs. Shame on the owners for dumping them like this, and not taking proper care of them. I hope they both find forever loving homes.

  4. Mary says:

    Oh my gosh! What is wrong with people??. To not only do what they did, but to let them get into such horrible shape!! They are not human. Where is love and compassion? Thank you Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue and Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue for finding them a foster!! Hopefully, they will now know true love.

  5. Adrienne says:

    How sad for these dogs to be so traumatized but thank god for rescues andfostrs. They are the true saviors of these dogs. Please give us a followup on how they are doing.

  6. Theresa says:

    You heartless fucking douche bag owner you should be shot got no treatment for the dogs so you just get rid of them you fucking stupid bitch hope your life is miserable

  7. PAMELA D says:

    Two fucking low life subhuman scumbags. I have more words for these two bitches. It is a shame their mothers didn’t throw them in a dumpster when they were babies. As we can see these assholes didn’t take care of these poor dogs and hopefully they will have a better life. How fucking heartless can they be forcing their dogs into a shelter and could care the hell less. Hope these two bitches have a terrible short life.

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    HUGE THANK YOU to those who stepped up and fostered Truman and Mandi – they would be dead if not for these caring people intervened. And to the maggot shit owners who thought the dog’s terror was funny, I hope you get what you so well deserve – a fatal drive-by – and no one cares. May you lay in the gutter until you rot.

  9. GG says:

    These pet owners are so inhuman and cold-hearted. How can you dump your companions just like a garbage??? Think twice before you own a pet. They are not a toy that you can play a while, get bored and dump it. If you think you can’t afford to pay for Vet fees, why can you afford to raise a children or two? Don’t blame on your family if one day they dump you at the senior home without visiting you and supporting you when you get old because this is KARMA. What goes around comes around.

    A household who ever abandons a pet should be on the blacklist and banned to own a pet in the future.

  10. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Thank you for rescuing these two pups. Maybe the owners thought that most dogs are rescued, however these two are the lucky ones. Most DON’T get saved. So happy for these two!

  11. Marni says:

    Today I took my sweet Lakota to the “Have a heart Humane society”……He happily walked in…….we walked around the thrift store they have there and then we both walked out. He is my boy and will be with me anywhere I go. There are some amazing people out there who will take someone else’s responsibility, namely their dog, and those with hearts will fight for these animals. Too bad these selfish owners don’t.


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