Firefighter comforts dog after deadly Kentucky crash

In Lyon County, Kentucky, a firefighter comforted a family’s dog after a deadly vehicular crash on Friday. The crash occurred at Exit 40 eastbound on I-24 killing one person. Another man was trapped in the … Read More

Heartbreaking video in NYC shelter of dog dragged to be euth’ed

A viral video taken inside of Manhattan’s New York City Animal Care Center has garnered more than 120,000 views and 4,100 shares . Andrew Weprin, an animal advocate, posted the disturbing video to Facebook where … Read More

Dog rescued from death row just thwarted a burglary

A former shelter dog, saved from death row in Texas, just returned the favor to his adoptive owner, Mark Slepian. Enzo, a massive Neapolitan Mastiff, quite literally took a bite out of crime when an … Read More

University grad beat stray dog to death ‘because it barked too much’

A Tsinghua University PhD graduate in China boasted about beating a small dog to death “because it barked too much” at night. He later bragged to the media how “perfectly reasonable” it was to kill … Read More

Fragile, blind senior dog at shelter: How did ‘Baby’ get lost?

A fragile, blind senior dog tries his best to hide in his little bed at the Carson Animal Care Center in California. “Baby” was found on Monday, but his family has not come for him. … Read More

Missouri pooch runs away to play with friends at dog daycare

In St. Ann, Missouri, a friendly pooch named Hugo ran away from home to visit and play with his friends at dog daycare. Happy Tails Pet Hotel and Playland recounted the dog’s adventure on their … Read More

Homeless man threw puppy ‘like a baseball’ into vehicle

In Glendale, Arizona, a homeless man was arrested on Monday evening after a police officer saw him throw a puppy “like a baseball” into the inside of a vehicle and close the door. Matthew Kassing, … Read More

Dog tied up in trash bag in Georgia likely to need 2 legs amputated

A dog found tied up in Atlanta is likely to need two of his legs amputated because his fur had been so matted it had cut off his blood circulation.

According to Lifeline Animal ProjectRead More

Heartbreak and a warning after dog dies shortly after visit to park

A Washington family is grappling with heartbreak following the unexpected death of their dog, who died shortly after a visit to a park. Yunue Moore issued a public warning on social media on Monday after … Read More

Update: Hofstra University students force puppy to drink beer

In Hempstead, New York, a video of students forcing a pup to drink beer from a keg went viral this past weekend – with more than 100,000 views. The tweet has been retweeted 1,400 times. … Read More