Last of the Vicktory Dogs -Shadow died just shy of his 16th birthday

The last of the Vicktory Dogs – Shadow, died last week just shy of his 16th birthday. For the family who adopted him nearly ten years ago, the loss of this special dog has left … Read More

Mother dog trying to protect her puppies attacked by two dogs

A mother dog caring for her puppies was attacked over the weekend by two other dogs. With all her strength, the mom fought valiantly protecting her five little ones, but two against one? The other … Read More

Video shows Detroit police officer shoot dog in the face in its own yard

In a disturbing home video captured in real time on Wednesday afternoon in Detroit, a police officer apparently shot a dog in the face killing it in the pet’s own fenced in yard.

According to … Read More

Dog who refused to fight abandoned and abused by owner

On Wednesday evening, Oscar arrived in Sherman Oaks, California at the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. In a series of abusive and inhumane acts of cruelty, his owner who trained dogs to fight, tried … Read More

Stray Rescue’s ‘Jumbo Jack’ amazing will to survive endears everyone

A beloved rescued dog named Jumbo Jack is back in foster care and out of the hospital. The Great Dane has been on a roller coaster ride towards recovery after he had been shot in … Read More

County Sheriff refuses to act on ongoing animal abuse case in his county

Sheriff Ricky Smith of Delta County, Texas has known about an ongoing case of animal abuse/neglect in his county yet refuses to persecute the dogs’ owner or have the dogs removed from the property.

According … Read More

‘Soldier’ injured dog covered in puncture wounds ready for foster home

In Abbeville, South Carolina, a couple had been walking their dog on Sunday when they found a critically injured dog lying in the bushes. He couldn’t stand and barely moved; the Abbeville County Animal Services … Read More

Suffering dog found in bushes on 4th of July now named Freedom

On the 4th of July, a kind woman was shocked when she found a severely injured dog lying in the bushes near her home. She comforted him with water and immediately sought out help. When … Read More

Severely injured bait dog slowly recovering in South Florida

A severely injured bait dog, used for illegal dog fighting in the Miami area, is slowly recovering from his near death situation; all thanks to skilled and compassionate veterinarians and a South Florida rescue group.… Read More

Videos posted of neighbor allegedly torturing dogs with firecrackers and water

In St. Petersburg, Florida, videos of dogs in a neighboring backyard, seemingly being tortured and abused, have gone viral as animal activists across the country show their outrage in the treatment of the dogs.

For … Read More