Dog ‘Scarface’ who attacked woman over sweater euthanized

In Tampa, Florida, the dog that attacked a woman and her family as they tried to put a sweater over the dog’s head has been euthanized. Hillsborough County spokesperson, Kara Walker stated the dog named Scarface posed a high threat to the public. The dog also suffered several severe stab wounds around his neck and head inflicted by the woman’s

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the tragedy began on Friday in the Highland Pines neighborhood after the dog’s owner, Brenda Guerrero, 52, was attacked outside the home as she tried to put a sweater on the dog. As the woman’s husband ran to help his wife, the dog turned on him too. Then the couple’s 22-year-old son was attacked as he repeatedly stabbed the dog. The family were able to flee to safety.

Authorities used a taser and bean bag gun along with a tranquilizer weapon to subdue the dog. The family were taken to the hospital after suffering from serious dog bites.

Scarface did not have a history of aggression. Sadly, we will doubtfully ever know the full story, and it was a tragic story for both a family and their once beloved dog. Rest in peace Scarface.

Photos via screenshots by AbcNews.

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