Dog ‘Scarface’ who attacked woman over sweater euthanized

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In Tampa, Florida, the dog that attacked a woman and her family as they tried to put a sweater over the dog’s head has been euthanized. Hillsborough County spokesperson, Kara Walker stated the dog named Scarface posed a high threat to the public. The dog also suffered several severe stab wounds around his neck and head inflicted by the woman’s

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the tragedy began on Friday in the Highland Pines neighborhood after the dog’s owner, Brenda Guerrero, 52, was attacked outside the home as she tried to put a sweater on the dog. As the woman’s husband ran to help his wife, the dog turned on him too. Then the couple’s 22-year-old son was attacked as he repeatedly stabbed the dog. The family were able to flee to safety.

Authorities used a taser and bean bag gun along with a tranquilizer weapon to subdue the dog. The family were taken to the hospital after suffering from serious dog bites.

Scarface did not have a history of aggression. Sadly, we will doubtfully ever know the full story, and it was a tragic story for both a family and their once beloved dog. Rest in peace Scarface.

Photos via screenshots by AbcNews.

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  1. What an unfortunate story. But why put on a sweater on a dog that never had to wear one. I tried with my cockapoodle and he started growling. I knew then to stop.

  2. Why did she try to put the dog’s sweater on while he was OUTSIDE? If I did that to one of mine, we would both be inside the home! The only reason I can think of that anyone would do this outdoors is if the dog lives there, which, to me, explains EXACTLY why the dog reacted the way he did. He doesn’t sound like he was a ‘beloved pet’ to me, but another dog used as a lawn ornament that these people decided to put into a cute Christmas sweater and dress up for the holidays purely for the neighbors. The dog didn’t like it and reacted. Whose fault was it? Not the dog’s! Who paid for it? The same one who always does, and it’s despicable that the truly dangerous ones are still living inside that house while the innocent one is dead.

    • I agree. Not all dogs like things being put over their head and like you said that gets done inside. There was no reason for the dog to be murdered either. it did nothing wrong. Clearly was never really loved and had very bad owners who s hould not have pets of any kind

    • Well I have to disagree, the photo shows a loved dog in the house with his owner loving him. Who knows what happened or why, awful is the only fact known.

    • Damn well said!!!…I agree. Why did the dog Suffer neck wounds also. Perhaps he was afraid of being attacked by the son again!! Sounds like he was defending himself for some reason before the sweater for him to act that way!!..Seriously talking to your dog and reassurring you wont hurt them beforehand can calm them a little. Works w my dog!! Better to try it than not!!

    • That was my first thought. Dogs kept exclusively in the yard, and without human interaction, don’t get socialized. Someone suggested that the dog was unaltered. I’m not seeing where they got that from, but even if he was just recently neutered, it takes time for the hormones to subside. I think there are many facts we don’t know about this story. Of course, Scarface was the real victim.

      • The best comment I’ve seen. Most dog bite attacks involve dogs that are not neutered but the media never exposes this fact. This dog didn’t attack over a sweater there’s more to this story, wether it involves an unneutered dog or an undersocialized one. There’s more here then the public knows.

    • Totally agree with this reasoning. It is always bad when humans get hurt, but the dog should not have paid the price because he could not give his side of the story.

  3. This is very strange, dogs are shot by police for so much as barking at them and yet, this dog was attacking and they used a taser and bean bag gun along with a tranquilizer weapon to subdue the dog. Why is this not standard procedure for any dog? I’m so sorry for this family and what they have gone through, How I hate to see stories like this, it plays into the Pit Bull Hater’s agenda! This can happen with any breed dog.

  4. Wow how sad for the dog, human error again. If a dog was meant to wear a sweater god would have created him wearing one. Obviously he didn’t want the restriction stupid idiots. RIP Scarface you deserved better.

  5. I’m sorry but there’s more to this story than what’s being told. Unfortunately the one who knows the truth is now dead. Let’s blame the dog. He can’t speak. He can’t tell people what actually happened. I’m not buying this story for one second. Dig a little deeper. I bet you’ll find some disturbing facts on the people. I’m sorry this poor dog ended up with stupid owners.

  6. Nothing personal but you moron should not have a dog you never try to put a sweater on an animal but you don’t put your face so close to his face like that

  7. Stupid bitch! SHE needs to be euth’d! Not only did they own the dog for ONLY 30 days (not enough time to “know” a dog) they also LIVE IN FLORIDA! So do I and let me tell you, unless you see snow, there’s ABSOLUTELY no need for a God damn sweater! I reiterate…STUPID BITCH! R.I.P sweet pup.

  8. I agree with a lot of these comments. That poor dog reacted to being abused..Stabbed by the women’s son multiple times..That dog was being obviously being treated with very little respect & that’s why he went for them..Simple
    but the dog paid the price?????

  9. There more to it then they tried put sweater on a dog n it went nuts , isn’t it super hot there too , so why make it wear it in first place , rip lil victim of shit owners , xx????xx

  10. Humane error, I believe is what happened here. So sad that the poor dog had to pay the ultimate price for his owners stupidity!

  11. There was no reason to kill the dog over that and no reason for the son to stab it either. Not all dogs like things like that being put over their head. You cannot force a dog to allow a sweater to be put over it’s head. the dog dies cause the owners were morons.

  12. Did they even bother to reach out to a dog trainer to see if he could be helped? Most likely not! So quick to kill. I hate people . And this dog was a rescue if I’m not mistaken. Who knows what was done to him. Rest in peace baby. I won’t use the name they gave him it was a terrible name!

  13. I don’t believe that this was the only factor in the story! These people are idiots and shouldn’t have had s dog in the first place!

  14. The owner is totally at fault!! I had a schnauzer and once attempted putting a sweater on, he growled and I knew that meant HE WAS NOT INTERESTED!!! Geez, this is such an example of a HORRIBLE pet parent! A dog will let you know what he likes or doesn’t like. He is not going to hurt you without warning. Now, he has been murdered because of this. What a horrible shame!

    • Agree. I tried with my cockapoodle even before I could pull the sweater over his head he growled and knew to stop. I’m sure this dog gave warning signs that the owner’s chose to ignore.,

  15. Shame on these nasty people. They should never own another dog since they do not know how to take care of one. Who puts a sweather on a dog in Florida when it is 86 degrees? Only an idiot and they got what they deserved but the poor dog is dead because of these ignorance.

  16. I feel the family got what they asked for when the dog did not want that sweater on and was trying to defend itself and it have every right to. I only feel bad that morons killed an innocent dog and that woman kara said he was a danger to the public which was totally untrue.

  17. I think it is horrible this poor dog had to endure this torture. Then was murdered do to human stupidity. Why put a sweater on a dog in Florida? The people involved need to be charged with animal cruelty.


  19. Stupid bitch. I honestly hate people this poor baby was rescued by the wrong family. IM SORRY BUT THERE IS WAY MORE TO HIS STORY THEU R NOT TELLING. KARMAS A BITCH AND WISH THE WORSE FOR THIS FAMILY. GLAD UR ASSES GOT MAULED.

  20. There is something wrong here.
    Dogs don’t just flip out they weren’t paying attention to his body language and was forcing him in an uncomfortable situation. And just like a human he protected himself from those who were making him feel unsafe. But this guy can’t talk so he couldn’t use words to tell them how they were making him feel. They failed this dog without a doubt

  21. I hate these idiots! Please don’t let them have another dog to abuse! Special place in hell for these morons! RIP Scarface you deserved so much better!

  22. What the fuck. This wasn’t the dogs fault, they looked for is. She deserved it. Now the dog had to pay with it’s life for her stupidity.

  23. How long did these people own the dog and how old was the dog? If you have a dog for a long time, you know whether he will allow you to put clothes on him. And why a sweater in FL.? Something else happened here beyond what is being told. I know my guy doesn’t like sweaters, so I don’t put them on him. Poor thing, all the screaming probably got him into panic mode.

  24. So sick of stupid, selfish people! I can only assume this poor dog showed warning signs that he was not happy about this. Not all dogs enjoy being dressed up like a human. They are not kids or dolls. I have a 14yr old aussie that has loss a lot of muscle mass and weight due to old age, so last year I bought him a dog sweater because he would shiver and shake when he went outside and sometimes even inside. He tolerated me putting it on but not taking it off. He growled as a warning for me to stop. I had to cut it off of him. Turns out it was probably pain due to arthritis when I bent his legs that caused the reaction. I didn’t do it again. Something triggered this reaction, and he probably kept reacting due to the anxious/angry/hurt vibes coming off the humans. So sad.

  25. ive seen this behavior in inbred dogs , dogs that parents are father daughter, bro, sis, its a mental condition, it happens a lot with backyard breeders , if it wasn’t a sweater it could have been with another trigger, one moment the dog is obedient the next a toy can cause a huge problem , its a type of anxiety, and yes it gets cold in Fl. people blanket their horses, this is why it is good to know a dogs back round , puppy mills also produce dogs with this temperament, and it can happen with horses and people, not the owners fault ,

    • It is 100% the owners fault! This is not a horse or a toy poodle we are talking about here. It is a pound for pound world’s strongest dog and needs to be treated as such. The owners and the dog have to develop a mutual sense of trust and respect for one another. These owners just got this animal (unaltered btw you can tell from the pictures) and decided it would be cool to copy some YouTube video of a pit having a Christmas sweater. The dog was an outside dog in a lower class neighborhood. (Again you can see all of this from the pictures. ) We do not know the environment or torment that animal had to go through on a daily basis or who the previous owners may have been. When fighting dogs lose and are no longer a value to the owner a sack is put over thier heads and they are either hung or electrocuted or drowned. Imagine of this poor animal had to witness that at some point in his life. Now imagine some strangers trying to put something over his head. Clearly That poor baby was just trying to defend himself. The bottom line is you shouldn’t have a pet that you do not know how to handle properly. These are some of the best pets in the world and are given a bad rap because of moronic owners!

  26. Yes she deserved it. Why put a sweater on the poor dog. If the dog don’t like any think on him then leave him alone some dogs don’t like to be pampered and this one don’t. Why force a dog to wear something if they don’t like. He may have a phobia in clothings don’t they know any think bout the poor dog. Fuck owner and her brother I wished the dog killed them both x

  27. I wouldn’t put a jumper my babies they don’t like it. It depends how long she had the dig for and how old the dog was when she had it. Yea it sounds like it been abused and the poor thing thought she was attacking him x

  28. Fucking arse holes; why do this to adog . They all deserve to suffer : why cover a dog with a sweater in Florida ; it needed to settle in proper, instead they Stan and taser the dog , pot poor dog : couldn’t give a toss about the family. I’ve had loads of rescue dogs with no troubles ; you need to give them time and lots of love, not this treatment

  29. Too many unanswered questions. Were they abusive to him? Did they force him to do things he didn’t want to do? Hard to believe that a dog who is loved and respected would behave like this. I am wondering if he was being difficult when she put the sweater over his head and that made her mad so she became aggressive? Or maybe it didn’t fit right and she was squeezing it over his head…that would scare him and he would go into defense mode. Sad story. 🙁

  30. Very unfortunate that this poor,dog had dimwits for owners.Some dogs just don’t like anything going over their head,at all. I’m sure this pup exhibited body language that he was not happy with this before the incident.RIP,Scarface.

  31. hope these assholes meet up with karma ,sooner than later, so dog don’t want some ahole putting a sweater over its head probally thinking some thing bad is happening, defends its self and is put to sleep, hope all who knows this family gives Scarface some sort of justice like burning their house to the ground

  32. Another dog killed because of an over-infated ego human. Dogs are NOT toys to be dressed up. If you wanted a dog to dress up then get a poodle or chihuahua etc. If you’re that dumb that when a dog warns you by growling, to stop, then you should’ve been the beasts that the law enforcement agencies were shooting upon arrival at the scene. I won’t apologize for that statement either. That poor dog warned you to stop!! He was probably abused at some point you idiots! Then he’s tortured by 3 humans at the end of his life only to be put on the rnd of a stick then killed all alone without any loved ones to soothe him. There will be a rescuer at the rainbow bridge that will claim scarface. Who names their dog scarface??? You’re all sickening, disgusting pieces of crap! Shame on all of you!

  33. All of you people, with your uneducated comments, make me sick! None of you know what happened, as obviously you weren’t there. Quit passing judgment on the owners when you don’t have the facts. It sounds like the dog had been abused in the past and was acting aggressively out of fear. I do feel bad for the dog, but I feel bad for the owners as well. People need to have more compassion toward others.

    • Dogs are not fucking dolls you play dress up with. When he growled the stupid bitch should have stopped but she didnt. The dog was setup for death. They should never be allowed to own any pet again. Son should be charged.

  34. ok giggy…. if you tried to put a sweater on your pet, would he warn you or immediately bite your face? And, if he warned you and you kept going, would you allow him to be put down??????? I have had pets my whole 60+ years of life, NEVER ONCE did one snap or bite without warning first.

    • How do you know that the dog warned them by growling and they still tried to put the sweater on them anyways? Are you reading a different story other than the one that is posted here?
      I’ll admit that putting clothes on animals is STUPID, but it doesn’t mean they deserved to get mauled either.
      And the son stabbed the dog because both his parents were being mauled! Are you people so dumb you don’t get that? He didn’t stab it because he was abusing it. He was stabbing it because it was trying to KILL his parents! It’s a pit bull! WTH is wrong with you people?!? You care more about a dog that mauled its owners? And the police did all that they did to stop it. THAT’S how vicious a pit bull attack is! Are you all sharing a brain or something?!? You people make me SICK! Maybe if that dog was mauling one of your family members you’d give a damn, but I doubt it.

  35. Oh really, Mike? this is what really happened. Imagine if it were a child. You know, like the one who just had his face mauled off in New York. I suppose you feel bad for that dog too.

    I’ve read this story in so many places, and this is the only site I can recall that actually feels bad for the dog (r.i.p…..really?!?). They didn’t force a sweater on it. They TRIED to put one on it like so many people do, and it attacked. If you can’t even ATTEMPT to put a sweater on a dog without it mauling you there is something wrong with that dog. Not just a nip or a bite, or even a growl. If the father and son weren’t there that woman would be dead. The father couldn’t get it off of her! That’s why the son had to use a knife. But no, the son was abusing it. Omg….unbelievable.

    • Thank you for info, however, the story is not there. Your point being? My comment is from the above story nothing more or less. Thank you for nothing.

      • Yes, the story is there. It’s about the attack, which is why the dog was put down (the dog everyone is feeling so sorry for….the dog everyone is saying did nothing wrong). And of course you don’t care. You could care less about WHY. All you see is a dog was euthanized. No empathy for the people that are now traumatized mentally and physically.
        Sad world we live in where people care more about an animal than a person.

      • FYI , YOU posted to me saying I was assuming and that it wasn’t a mauling. THAT’S why I posted that link, because I knew it was and that was the proof. So don’t sit there and act like you weren’t asking for it. If you don’t want answers or proof than don’t comment to me.

      • I am looking right at the link I posted. If you aren’t seeing it (for some strange unknown reason) than go to YouTube and search for “Dog mauls husband and wife after they tried to dress ‘Scarface’ in a sweater” by Abc action news.

  36. If you (honestly) don’t see it (and I do and can click on it – it brings me right to the story) than email me. Ill gladly send you the link of the full story. If you don’t care to know and think that dog was innocent, then ….

    Apparently the moderators don’t care either. I shouldn’t be surprised.

  37. These incompetent uncaring owners should have been killed and not this poor dog.There is more to this story than meets the eye.This dog had been abused for quite some time by these uncaring POS.They did NOT love him or care for him as required.

  38. This is so wrong! I condemned the people that euthanize him! He was only defending himself you idiots POS that euthanized him. You people that euthanize dogs or cops, family that harmed this dog should be the one euthanized!


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