Wind chill in St. Louis ‘0’ as local animal rescue volunteers brave elements for dogs in dire need

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It’s cold in St. Louis, Missouri and the seven day forecast calls for mostly cloudy weather with a low around 20 degrees. The bitter cold, however has not stopped volunteers for Stray Rescue of St. Louis from attending the organization’s foster orientation classes.

Yesterday brought the rain, and today brings the temperatures everyone has been dreading. On Sunday, temperatures, with the wind chill, felt like “0.” Even dogs accustomed to the outdoors cannot survive in this kind of weather without help. Bring them in, even if it is just to a garage or a basement. It is animal cruelty to leave them outside in this. As the wind picks up, a doghouse is not going to keep them warm.

Dogs get frostbite and hypothermia, just like people. Their water bowls freeze, and their blankets get wet.

We were not expecting this at all. You have put tears in our cheeks. To everyone who took dogs, puppies and made intro appointments thank you.

Mark our words. The 37 that came in all have left for warm homes.

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Needless to say, as temperatures continued to drop, the need for animal rescue became more urgent.

On Saturday morning, Good Samaritans continued to bring in dogs and puppies due to the frigid temperatures. In one emergency situation, two kind people hurried in with tears streaming down their faces asking for help with a dog they had just found in the alley wrapped in a towel. The dog had not been able to stand and was passing blood.

The staff rushed him to the organization’s clinic where veterinarians noted his pale gums. Sadly, he tested positive for Parvovirus and is now receiving a blood transfusion and therapeutic care to fight the often time deadly virus. He has been named Pete Zaparty because of his big, beautiful eyes. Thankfully, he did make it through the night, but he still isn’t feeling much better. Please send positive thoughts.

Just a few hours ago, in came this little guy. He’s dirty and skinny but he’s safe. He has been set up with warm, cushy blankets.

And within the last hour, two more freezing-cold sweethearts came to Stray Rescue. Welcome guys; everyone is so happy you are here.

Of course there are more exciting rescues to report. A pregnant mother was saved from the bitter cold on Saturday. She is currently looking for a foster home to have her puppies.

Check out this girl’s rescue video with Donna making a new friend:

Community help and donations are the foundation of this fine rescue organization’s success. Their biggest needs right now are ex-pens, folders. The clinic needs new clippers (they are a little pricey).

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