Shelter pup too pregnant to walk and had to be carried gave birth to 11 adorable puppies

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At Austin Pets Alive, a sweet dog dubbed Meter Maid arrived at the organization on February 11, 2024 after she had been rescued from one of the municipal shelters. The shelter staff notified Austin Pets Alive (APA) asking for help, after evaluating her advanced pregnancy causing her to be unable to even walk.

The staff showered her with love and care, even wheeling her around in a wagon for some sunshine. But little did they know, the sunshine wasn’t the only thing growing!

Check out the video clip from TikTok:


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After just 16 days at the shelter, Meter Maid surprised everyone by giving birth to a whopping eleven healthy puppies! The staff, who had been keeping track of the “Days Without Puppies” with growing anticipation, were overjoyed.

This wasn’t just any litter – these were a bunch of tiny parking enforcers in the making (well, maybe not exactly). Meter Maid took to motherhood beautifully, and the shelter documented the adorable chaos of her caring for her brood.

The story of Meter Maid and her pups spread quickly, warming hearts across the internet. It also highlighted the importance of spaying and neutering pets, as shelters across the country struggle with pet overpopulation. Thankfully, APA confirmed Meter Maid will be spayed before finding her forever home.

While Meter Maid might not be issuing parking tickets anymore, she’s definitely busy enforcing cuddle time and playtime with her new squad. All the puppies are thriving, and Meter Maid is looking for a loving home where she can raise her little pack.

So, if you’re looking for a whole lot of love (and maybe a little chaos!), consider opening your heart and home to Meter Maid and her crew. They’re sure to bring a wagging good time to your life! The puppies are expected to be ready for adoption in April.

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