He waited for his family to return: Dog abandoned outside of shelter with all of his belongings

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At the Mississauga Animal Shelter in Ontario, Canada, a loyal dog waited for his family to return. He watched, and he watched, but they never came back. Why did his family leave his favorite blanket, his dog food and one of his favorite toys next to him? Why was he tied to the railing? What did he do wrong?

And the look on this poor pup’s face tells the story. Maybe it appears as if his family had financial or emotional issues they could no longer afford to keep their loyal dog, but abandoning a pet is NEVER the solution.

The municipal government described the sad situation:

A dog was abandoned outside of the Animal Services Shelter in the middle of the night. He was left with all of his belongings but no further information, making it difficult to know how to best take care of him.


Mississauga pet owners, it never has to get to this point. If you have a pet you can no longer care for, please know you have options before abandoning them. The shelter will work with you to find a positive solution for you and your pet, or you can consider rehoming them.

Learn more about rehoming your pet: https://bit.ly/4c1ehFX.

Many thanks to everyone for their concern and interest in adopting this dog, however, he is not available for adoption just yet. Please note there are several large breed dogs waiting for their forever homes at the Mississauga Animal Services Shelter; many who have been at the shelter for more than a year.

You can find more information on the Mississauga Animal Services Shelter website: https://bit.ly/3uFkaY4.

Please don’t shop for a dog when you can adopt.

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