U.S. soldiers rescue mother dog and her 8 newborn puppies during Middle East deployment

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A group of United States Army soldiers deployed to the Middle East went far above and beyond their duties and rescued a mother dog and her litter of eight puppies. The mother had dug a hole under a shipping container in order to secure a safe place to have her puppies. The soldiers found her and the newborn litter just days later.

According to Fox News Digital, the spot the dog had decided to give birth flooded with hail and sludge following a rare ice storm. The soldiers quickly scooped up the entire family and brought them to a warm, safe area to recover.

They named the mom Meatball and were more than happy to provide her with the care she needed while the dogs gave back – providing lots of love and happiness to the soldiers to help them emotionally and complete their mission.

The soldiers have since reached out to Paws of War, a New York non profit, dedicated to helping the soldiers bring these dogs back home. The dogs have all been adopted by the soldiers who saved them; now they need to come home to the United States.

Meatball and her pups, Marco, Azura, Connie, Thresher, Jacky, Ricky-Bobby, Chico and Bash are all sweet dogs, born into a family of soldiers. Sadly they face a grim future if left behind.

Paws of War and the eight soldiers have launched an urgent fundraiser to rescue these loyal dogs and reunite them with their beloved humans. It’s not an easy task – this is actually NINE rescues in one. Staff Sergeant Rickly puts it best:

You might think i saved these puppies, but in so many ways the pups and Meatball saved me too.

Facebook Army Staff Sgt. Rickly

The War-Torn Pups and Cats program have been providing protection, however the heartbreaking part of all this is when the soldiers are sent back home, there won’t be anyone left to care for Meatball and her puppies.

Since the day they were born, they have been taken care of, and they don’t know what suffering awaits them if they have to fend for themselves.


We, in the United States, and our soldiers in particular cherish the love and companionship provided by “man’s best friend,” but in the Middle East, dogs are commonly referred to as “vermin” and often terribly abused.

During this Fourth of July weekend and in respect for all the soldiers who continue to protect our freedoms so that we may all celebrate, please help bring these dogs back to the United States.

We made the commitment to help every hero we can to save the life of an animal they love.

We are doing everything we can to ensure this mission to bring them to America and back to their soldiers’ sides has a happy ending.

Robert Misseri as told to Fox Digital

To help, please visit pawsofwar.networkforgood.com or click here.

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