Rescue dog led firefighters back into burning home to save 1-year-old in playpen

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A family dog turned into a real life Lassie after he went running back into his burning home in Detroit with firefighters to save a one-year-old toddler still in her playpen. Janet Kelley, the mom of four, credits her rescue dog named Blue for saving little Chantal’s life.

It is believed the duplex caught fire on the top apartment after the other tenant’s children had reportedly been playing with a lighter. Three members of the family had been home at the time and escaped, not realizing the toddler was still in the house.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Kelley adopted Blue two years ago from the Detroit Dog Rescue, and his bravery and loyalty to his family has earned him impressive accolades from everyone he meets.

the firefighters had to chase him up – and once they got up there, they realized what was going on leading them to Chantal.

Janet Kelley via WJBK

Blue, a blend of pit bull and Labrador retriever had once been a stray on the sidewalks of Detroit. After she adopted him, he became very protective of his family including the family cat – Smokey.

The family lost everything, but before they put up an online fundraiser slept in their van because no dogs were allowed at the shelter. Since then, the family has been staying at a hotel and the donated money will be used to help the family find a new home.

I refuse to leave Blue because God knows where my family would be without him.


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Toddler helps to wipe wet doggo.
Hmmmm Where do we bury this bone?

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