Lake City man accused of intentionally drowning ex-girlfriend’s dog

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In Lake City, Florida, the Lake City Police Department arrested Jeremy Brock on Wednesday, accusing him with drowning his ex-girlfriend’s dog in a bathtub. He has been charged with willful torture and death of an animal.

According to the LCPD’s department press release, officers had responded to a call on Popular Lane referencing a call about animal cruelty. Brock had been a previous resident at the home and had been dating a woman who lived there. Brock had allegedly sent threatening text messages to his ex-girlfriend that said he was going to kill her dog.

The current resident had been caring for the dog as the ex-girlfriend had been relocating. The current resident had been out of the home and when he returned, the dog was deceased and lying in the bathtub with a leash wrapped around his neck.

In subsequent interviews, Brock, 23, admitted he drowned the dog after filling the bathtub and placing a wet pillow on top of the dog’s head while using the weight of a laundry basket to apply pressure pushing the dog’s head underwater.

Brock is being held at the Columbia County Detention Center in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

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