Iowa woman charged with leaving 2 dogs and 7 puppies in hot car

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In Windsor Heights, Iowa, a woman faces multiple charges of animal neglect after authorities allege she left two dogs and seven puppies in a hot car late last week.

According to KcciNews, Amber Foland was arrested on Thursday at the Walmart. Detectives believe the dogs had been left in the vehicle for more than an hour without any air-conditioning or water. The temperature felt like nearly 100 degrees at the time.

Foland was also charged with using a fake name to cover up active warrants.

Updates to follow on the condition of the dogs.

And again, we hope to provide a reminder not to leave pets in cars – even if you’re only going to be in a store for just a few minutes. In just one hour, with a temperature of 80 degrees outdoors, the interior of a car in the sun will reach 120 degrees. In two minutes, the time it could take for you to run into the store for a quart of milk, the car could spike up from 80 degrees to 94.3 degrees.

Be kind – leave your pets home!

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