Man confronts hostile owner after he rescues her dogs from scorching car

A Good Samaritan confronted the hostile owner of two dogs that he saved from inside of a scorching car on one of the hottest days this summer on Wednesday. Danny Cruttwell filmed the video of the contentious moments at a Tesco store in Horshame, West Sussex as the temperatures outdoors soared above 91 degrees.

According to Auto Evolution, the 35-year-old scaffolder saved the mother and pup, Staffordshire and boxer mixes,  from the car which turned out to have been unlocked. He gave them water, and at that moment the owner arrived. The woman was hostile and claimed she had only been in the store for “two seconds.” The owner’s watch must not have been working.

“I saw the dogs when I first got to the store and then after taking an hour to do my shopping, they were still there when I left,” Danny stated according to the Mirror. “I could tell they were in distress. They were panting and pacing through the car. I knew I needed to get them out urgently as they  had no access to water.”

Danny had planned to break the side window of the car to rescue the dogs, however the car had been unlocked. The hostile woman called Danny an “arrogant pig” after he confronted her.

Danny wants to remind people not to leave their pets in cars during the summer’s heat.

“A person wouldn’t be able to cope with being left in a scorching car, and neither can a dog,” he said.

Since his viral video, Danny continues to be hailed as a hero, and humbly only admits to being in the right place at the right time. He has called upon the public to stop sending the owner nasty messages, stating she obviously did something wrong, but hoped she had learned a lesson.

Check out the video from Danny’s Facebook page. So far there have been more than 3 million views.

(Photos and video of dogs rescued from scorching car via Facebook Danny Cruttwell)


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Viral video shows heartbreaking distress of dogs left in a hot car

In Wentzville, Missouri, a young woman and her boyfriend were so distraught after finding two dogs in distress inside of a hot car at the Wentzville Flea Market, they decided to shoot a video when police told them there was nothing they could do to help the dogs since the vehicle’s windows had been left open.

Look at this video and make your own opinion:

It happened on Sunday morning when Kendra spotted the dogs panting heavily in the car. There was barely any water left in their bowl, and so Kendra put new water in it for the dogs. The shepherd cried as he panted heavily, and the second dog tried to hide away from the sun and the heat under the steering column.

“Guys, thank you for sharing and thank you so much for your support. I did buy water and had them drink all of the bottles. They were miserable. I would have taken the dogs but there were police at the flea market. I told him that I was going to take matters into my own hands and he said that if I took the pups that it could potentially lead into a felony charge because I would be stealing from personal property. I’m sorry that I couldn’t do more but my sister and I are working to take these people down! I promise I am trying.”

And so she decided to post the video on Facebook. So far it has garnered nearly 400,000 views. Kendra was at the flea market for four hours, and when she returned to give the dogs more water, the car and the dogs were gone.

In an update on the situation, Kendra thanked everyone for the information. It is hoped the owners will surrender the dogs.

“My next step is to gather a group of people to decently go to the premises, if and when we can 100% establish where this is and ask for the surrender of the dogs, next is to get an animal rescue to take them in and get them the proper care they need! I also have had news reporters contact me to gather this story. Social media can be used for the greater good and look at what ALL of us have done! This is truly amazing and I’m just astonished by the outcome so far. Thank you thank you thank you! Hopefully soon our minds can be out at ease. I will further update when I can. Thank you all for your time and patience.”

Leave your pets home in the summer. Even though the windows were open, it was easy to see the dogs were in distress.

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Dog owner left dogs in hot car: ‘I was drunk’

A dog owner from Staten Island who left his two dogs in a hot car for hours is alleged to have told police he was drunk and forgot about the dogs on Saturday afternoon.

According to the New York Post, Kenneth Schnabel, 54, owned the two dogs and left them locked inside of his vehicle in Bensonhurst. Good Samaritans, Geri Badolato and Marc Liverman, noticed the dogs clawing and barking at the window of the car and called 911. Saturday’s temperatures soared into the high 80s, and by the time police arrived, both dogs had to be administered oxygen and rushed to a local animal hospital.

CbsNews reports the following eyewitness account of the near fatal situation:

“The big dog came out, he was OK. The little dog — terrible… His tongue was hanging. Right away, put him in the backseat of the car, and they went away with sirens going,” stated Geri. “The heat was really tremendous in that car, you know windows shut — it had to be an inferno in there,” Charlie added.

Schnabel was located a short time later telling police the dogs had been in the automobile for hours and he forgot because he was drunk. He has been charged with the criminal possession of a weapon, aggravated cruelty to an animal, neglect of an impounded animal and leaving an animal in a vehicle in extreme temperatures.

The larger dog was reported to be doing fine, however the small dog’s condition had been listed as critical. Updates to follow.

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Lakewood police rescued dog from car after temps hit 134 degrees

A dog in Lakewood, Colorado is safe thanks to the work of Good Samaritans and the Lakewood police saving him from a car with temperatures recorded at 134 degrees.

According to the Facebook page for the Lakewood Police Department, the dog in the car had been barking for help.

“134.6 degrees!!! That’s how hot it was in this vehicle today after a concerned citizen heard a dog barking. It is that time of year to be aware of the temperatures. 77 degrees outside warms your vehicle to over 100 degrees very quickly. Let’s keep our pets safe,” the department posted.

It is legal in Colorado to break a window in any vehicle to rescue a child or a pet as long as you obey the following:

  • You believe the person or animal is in danger.
  • You have checked to make sure the door is not unlocked.
  • You make an effort to find the owner.
  • You contact a local law enforcement agency, fire department, animal control or 911 prior to breaking into the vehicle.

The dog is expected to be fine.

(Photo of temperature showing 134.6 degrees courtesy of Lakewood Police)

Did you know that if you want to get updates from a Facebook page, you need to do more than “like” it? To get recent postings in your Facebook feed, you must also hover your mouse over the word “following” and then click “see first” from the drop-down menu. You may want to check back with your favorite pages on occasion because Facebook often changes your settings, no longer having your having your favorites among those to “see first.

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Officer charged with animal cruelty after K9 died in patrol car

After a four-month long investigation, a Sebastian, Florida police officer has been charged with animal cruelty of his police K9, who died when left unattended in a police car parked in front of the Melbourne courthouse on April 28. On Wednesday, the Brevard-Seminole State Attorney’s office filed the charge first degree misdemeanor charge against Officer Eric Antosia, the dog’s handler.

The K9 officer named Diesel was “left unattended” stated the press release. According to the Sebastian Daily, Melbourne Police completed their investigation and turned all evidence over to the State Attorney’s Office who decided to prosecute Antosia. Authorities have not released information as to how long Diesel had been left in the car, but the National Weather Service reported temperatures in the afternoon that day at 88 degrees. One can only imagine how hot the car’s interior temperature had climbed. Detectives suspect  the officer, who is known to leave his K-9 at home when going to court, forgot that the dog was in the SUV. The officer arrived at the courthouse on Friday at 11:00 a.m. It wasn’t until that evening that Antosia called 911 about the death of Diesel.

The police vehicle Diesel was left in, is equipped with alarms and safety equipment to protect the dogs from heat. An investigation continues as to whether any of the equipment malfunctioned. The officer is currently on administrative leave without pay pending the outcome of the criminal case.

Rest in peace Diesel.

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26 English bulldog puppies rescued from hot van

In Garfield, New Jersey, 26 bulldog puppies were rescued on Saturday from a van parked outside of the WalMart store. The puppies, estimated to be eight-weeks-old, had arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport from Colombia and were reportedly headed to Florida pet stores.

According to the USA Today, the more than two dozen English and French bulldogs had been left unattended in a van where temperatures outdoors soared over 90 degrees. The puppies were seized by the Bergen County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)  after discovered crowded into two crates in the rear of the van.

Shelter staff have reported the puppies to be doing fine and all of the little ones are being medically monitored for heat exhaustion symptoms. When rescuers responded to the call at 3:00 p.m., all of the puppies were immediately removed and given water with one person involved in the response call describing the puppies drank “ferociously.”

Animal behaviorist Corey Cohen told North, the situation was extremely grave  – not just because of the heat but bulldogs in general have a hard time cooling down because they are brachycephalic.

The puppies are not available for adoption at this time and there have been no charges levied against the driver at this time pending further investigation.

(Photos of the bulldog puppies screenshots via WnbcNews)

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‘Dog left in hot car dead’: Vet shares photo to warn pet owners

A British Columbia veterinarian shared a photo of a dead dog to the Shaughnessy Vet Hospital Facebook in an effort to expose the consequences of what can really happen when leaving pets in a hot car. Under the distressing photo, veterinarian Leah Montgomery explained:

“We are heart broken. Such a preventable disaster. Dog left in the car today. Dead. Family is distraught. Please please stop doing this people!”

The dog had been brought to the vet’s office on Friday evening; the owners admitted they had left their dog in the car. The poignant and heartbreaking photo of the dog covered in a blanket with only his paws showing has been shared thousands of times.

“Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital Friends, this was posted as a reminder that this CAN HAPPEN – to anyone. They are not “bad” pet people. Take it to heart, remember this, and NEVER let it happen to you. Be careful when you cast stone.”

According to CtvNews, Dr. Montgomery has been frustrated with the photos of panting dogs lucky enough to have been rescued in the nick of time. The reality lies in all the dogs who didn’t have the happy ending, and as disturbing as the photo may be, is the reality of what happens when dogs are left in hot cars and no one comes to their rescue.  Leaving dogs in hot vehicles can cause their blood to thicken which tragically leads to kidney failure, blood clots and sometimes death.

Let’s hope this photo convinces dog owners to leave their pets at home.

(Photo of dog left in hot car dead courtesy of Shaughnessy Vet Hospital)

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Man arrested for leaving his dog in a hot car while he attended a concert

In Oakland, Pennsylvania, a New York State man was arrested and jailed on Wednesday night after police state he went to a Phish concert and left his dog in the hot car for hours. Drew Davis faces charges of animal cruelty, possessing contraband, disorderly conduct, aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

According to WtaeNews, Davis, 36,  had been attending the concert at Oakland’s Petersen Events Center. The dog, a Presa Canario brindle, had been locked inside the car with no water. The windows were cracked a few inches, but police say it was about 80 degrees with high humidity. The dog appeared “dehydrated, hot and scared” as seen lying in the backseat on top of clothing and trash.

After evaluating the situation and the dog’s apparent distress, police broke two side windows to free the dog. When Davis returned to his vehicle, he was argumentative and combative with officers, asking them what happened and where was his dog? Police informed Davis his dog needed veterinary treatment; the owner disagreed and stated he had driven from Louisiana without any problems.

The scene between Davis and the police drew a large crowd, and people leaving the concert cheered the police for arresting the dog owner. Davis was arraigned on Thursday and is currently free on bail.

(Booking photo)

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And again: Chihuahua rescued from hot car parked at zoo

Even in the middle of the summer; even with multiple news articles and television news stations reporting the news of dogs left in hot cars barely surviving and dying, pet owners continue to leave their best friends in parked cars with no air conditioning. This time a Chihuahua was rescued out of a hot car parked near the zoo.  How is it that people who claim to love their dogs so much continue with this alarming and dangerous behaviors?

On Tuesday came the scary story out of St. Louis, Missouri where a Chihuahua had to be rescued from a blue Ford Explorer after the dog in distress had been spotted by two girls. The vehicle had been parked near the St. Louis Zoo, and the girls notified a zoo official about the worrisome situation. Even though the windows were cracked a few inches, the temperature inside the car registered 132 degrees. When the Humane Society of Missouri arrived, a shelter representative broke one of the windows to free the Chihuahua, named Molly.

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Molly was taken to the Humane Society, where she was examined by a veterinarian. Initially her body temperature had been very high, but there was no permanent damage. That afternoon Molly’s owner, who has not been identified to the public, arrived at the Humane Society to pick up their dog.  Because rescuers retrieved the dog before she was seriously hurt, no charges will be filed against the owner.

Maybe something more than a slap on the wrist when pets have to be rescued from hot cars would be a more effective deterrent?

(Photos via Humane Society of Missouri and screenshot via St. Louis Dispatch)




Check out the video:



Dogs trapped in 167 degree hot car while owner sat in a movie theater

Officers and firefighters in Roswell, Georgia came to the rescue of two small dogs trapped inside of a 167 degree hot car over the 4th of July weekend. When police officers were called to the parking lot of Studio Movie Grill located on Holcomb Bridge Road on July 2, at the height of the afternoon heat, the Good Samaritan who had called the authorities via 911 was told she did the right thing.

According to the Facebook page of the Roswell Police Department’s video, the windows of the car had been partially open, however the officer measured the temperature on both the front and rear of the interior of the car as 167 and 161 degrees. The dogs had been in the car of over an hour. In the video made by the Roswell Police Department,  one of the dogs feverishly barked and whined; the little guy had become so distressed and frightened from the intense heat, he acted aggressively.  The second dog had taken refuge under the front seat – desperately trying to escape the direct sunlight as the car had been parked in an area with absolutely no shade.

As one of the dogs was coaxed out using a catch pole because he was so aggressive and scared, he suffered a heat related seizure. Members of the fire department used water to attempt to cool him down. And when the owner of the dogs finally arrived, after emergency announcements were made in the movie theater, the owner wanted to know what happened to her dog as the poor pooch yelped, whined and fell over on his side in the parking lot.

“Jesus Christ,” the officer is heard saying in the video. “He was left in a hot car,” he told the owner.

The owner admitted she had not checked on her dogs while she and her family were sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned theater.

“I think that we got here just in time to save these animals lives,” one officer stated.

The woman thanked the officers for saving her dogs. She has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty. Both dogs were taken to an emergency veterinary hospital and have since been treated and released. The dogs are in the care of Fulton Animal Control.

“A concerned citizen noticed a dog suffering in a hot car and called 911. The first officer arrived in 18 seconds. What you are about to see is actual bodycam footage of the rescue and medical treatment of two dogs suffering from heat stroke.

Help us spread the word about the dangers of leaving pets inside of a hot vehicle. If you see an animal trapped inside of a hot car, call 9-1-1, so that a tragedy can be avoided.”

If convicted on the two counts of animal cruelty, the owner of the dogs, identified as Shaquanda Cole, could face a fine of $1,000 and up to six months in jail.

(Photos of dogs trapped in 167 degree heat via Roswell Police Department)

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