Great Pyrenees puppy recovering after heartless creep threw him out of moving vehicle in Atlanta

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In Atlanta, Georgia, an adorable Great Pyrenees puppy named Wallace is recovering after an unknown, heartless person threw him out of a moving vehicle nearly two weeks ago.

According to the Great Pyrenees Rescue in Atlanta, the organization had received a call about the 12-week-old puppy who had a broken leg. The rescue picked him up from the nearby shelter; his name was to be Wallace Bowden.

Not long after the rescue had taken him in, Wallace spiked a fever and began to vomit. He was rushed to their veterinarian who attended to the puppy’s needs. The next day, he headed to the Northlake Orthopedic Surgery Clinic to repair his leg.

As of this week, we are happy to report that Wallace is on his way to a complete recovery.

Sweet Wallace continues to heal well. He walks good on his leg and is in good and happy spirits. Wallace is still on very restricted activity to make sure his leg will heal perfectly!


To donate to this puppy’s recovery as well as the other dogs needing help, please click here.

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