Bittersweet: Taking comfort frosted face oldster who stayed by his deceased human are together again

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In Houston, Texas, a frosted face oldster landed at one of the local shelters this past week. The 12-year-old dog no longer had a home after his long time human recently passed away. Mufasa had mustered up all of his loyalty, and just stayed next to his lifeless human for nearly a week; when the landlord found him and called animal control to take the dog away.

According to the landlord, Mufasa had been at the home for a long time with his owner; how confused and sad the senior dog felt when he was taken to the shelter and placed in a cage alone.

Sadly, the man had no relatives, and Mufasa wasn’t a fan of the shelter atmosphere. He had been snarling and lunging at workers and volunteers. Therefore, at 12-years-old and not very cooperative, the senior had been placed on the euthanasia list.

With just hours to spare before losing his life, ThisIsHouston came along at the perfect time. And it had been a loving foster home who promised to care for Mufasa; the sweet, old guy finally had the opportunity and the confidence to feel secure and rest.

He finally laid down on a dog bed last night and the last photo was the end result; he loved it so much! While he has a heartbreaking story and lost his owner, he gained a family with us. We don’t know how much longer he has here on Earth, but we’ll be there for him until his last day.

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Two days later, Mufasa didn’t feel well and was admitted to the emergency veterinarian hospital with a severe URI, diarrhea, no appetite and vomiting. His bloodwork showed a white blood cell elevation along with a globulin elevation, and a subsequent ultrasound showed a large mass against his spleen.

In addition, he had not been able to fight the pneumonia, and his stomach remained dilated with enlarged lymph nodes in the area. Mufasa had been struggling to breathe, and for a 12-year-old dog, it was decided “the decision” to let him go would be the most humane and loving last act to do out of love for this dog.

He was ready to see his owner again, and we take comfort in knowing they are together again. We hope his human was proud of our efforts to help their beloved boy until they could be reunited again.


Rest In Peace with your owner, Mufasa.

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So sweet 😉

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  1. Precious treasure, you are reunited with your human in Heaven. You will be missed by many people……. RIP amongst love forever🙏🙏🙏

  2. Aww how sad. But he’s home again with his owner.

    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
    ― Will Rogers


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