‘Two-headed cat’ needing home post on Facebook strikes up quite a stir

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A Facebook post showing a photo of what looked like a “two-headed cat” stirred up a lot of attention on Friday. Jackson County Animal Shelter, located in Jackson, Michigan had no idea the adorable picture would go viral.

Adopt this 2 headed cat and you get a great deal! Only $80!!! Double love.

Facebook Jackson County Animal Shelter

It seems some people reading the post actually thought the intertwined photo of the cats, named Sour Cream and Onion, had been just one cat with two heads. Actually. if you looked closer, you could see there were really two cats, but the shelter just thought they looked so adorable snuggled together so affectionately, it would bring more attention to their needs to be adopted.

Of course, a few people became upset over the post, but most, even if they were initially fooled, took it all in stride.

I should have read the comments first! I honestly though it was a two headed cat, and I HONESTLY just called and emailed them asking to adopt, well I’m gullible


And another commenter:

 I came to the comments to find out if it was really a two-headed cat


Sadly, Sour Cream and Onion have not found their “furever” homes yet, so just look at their photos and share with every cat lover you know. The kittens are only four-months-old and are described as very sweet.

For more information on these kittens and many other adoptable pets at the shelter, please click here.

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