Stray kitty in dire need of rescue: Scratched up and barely can walk

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Sometimes we all have to reach out and help those who cannot help themselves. In this very sad situation, posted on social media by Broward Community Cats – TNR and Feral Cat Help Only, a male stray cat needs help. It is not known if his injuries were a result of a fight or if he was injured and struck by a vehicle while crossing the road.

Check out his video here:

For days, rescuers have been trying to help, but have not been successful capturing him using a humane trap. This male feral cat was last seen in Sunrise Florida on Monday 06/27/22

06/30/22 AM Update: still not seen anywhere around neighborhood. No one on my neighbors app has spotted him around their homes either. I have already given someone general location to search for him today. As I have explain to them he does not frequent my home, so I have no clue where for them to start looking. I have in the past spotted him roaming the street a block from my house. My neighborhood is also surrounded but fast food restaurants that he may possibly be hiding, this has been told to the group that will be looking for him today. They will see if they can spot him.

Facebook Community Cats – TNR and Feral Cat Help Only

Please share with friends, family and social media contacts. We are all hoping this cat can be located and helped. Follow his plight here.

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