Shelter spoiling emaciated dog found abandoned on porch

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An animal shelter in New York in spoiling an emaciated dog who was found abandoned this week in the Town of Palatine Bridge. On Wednesday, the Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter posted photos of the emaciated Doberman, along with a request to find whoever owned her:

This young female Doberman was found in the Town of Palatine Bridge, NY this morning. She was brought to our vet and checked out. She is now on vitamins, antibiotics and a refeeding schedule to safely get her to gain weight and be healthy.

We need YOUR help. Do you recognize her? If you have any information, please contact the shelter at 518-673-5670 or the Montgomery County Sheriff’s at 518-853-5500.

On Thursday morning, the animal welfare agency let Facebook fans know that the dog, dubbed Bridget, enjoyed her first night of being pampered:

Goodmorning from Bridget. 🌄
Name meaning strength or the exalted one.
Bridget slept so good last night. She was set up a bed area and a crate den and she wanted the crate. She likes to cuddle up under a fleece blanket.
She knows sit and shake. And does the most adorable head tilt when you ask her if she wants a treat.

You can follow Bridget’s progress at this link to the shelter’s Facebook page.

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The dog is smarter than the owner!

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