Child’s emotional support dog, still a puppy, tortured and killed by 2 men

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A 10-year-old child in Bristol, Indiana, bore witness to a horrific crime that claimed the life of his six-month-old emotional support puppy. As reported by WNDU News, the German shepherd mix puppy had nipped a child while playing with them in late January. In response to the playful nip, 34-year-old Uriah Kling allegedly tried to “choke out” the pup, leaving it “yelping and grasping for air.”

The situation deteriorated from there. With the help of 26-year-old Tyler Tallman, the puppy was taken outside to a nearby golf course, and a rope was used to hang it from a tree; the puppy’s young companion saw the heartbreaking incident and ran home. Later, Kling informed the child that Tallman had killed the puppy with a knife. A necropsy on the puppy’s body revealed multiple lacerations, including cuts to the “dog’s chest, neck, and head, including one to the neck that ran from ear to ear through arteries, veins, the trachea, and esophagus.”

Though the crime happened months ago, felony animal torture and mutilation charges were filed last week in Elkhart County Superior Court 1; arrest warrants have been issued for the two men allegedly responsible for the puppy’s death.

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