Man skips wedding ceremony to save dog clinging to side of river

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A short video has gone viral which shows a man dressed up to attend a wedding ceremony instead running to the aid of a dog clinging to the side of an overflowing river.

From the video, we can see a dog standing on his back legs in what appears to be a concrete platform along an overflowing stream. The dog’s hero suddenly shows up in the clip, dressed in a suit, rushing towards the frightened pooch and rescuing him, Another man is also seen helping, and he helps to steady the man until the dog could safely be brought to the ground.

After the rescue, the two men get ready to leave, and the dog’s rescuer momentarily returns to greet the pup. The tentative back and forth of the man trying to get the dog to come with him when the dog approaches the man on his heels just melted everyone’s heart.

The video was shared on Redditt and has gone viral with more than 60,000 upvotes and comments praising the men and their efforts to put a stray pooch in dire need.

Some people just know what to do. He’s a countless hero.”

Reddit comments

(Photos via Reddit and video)

Check out the video:

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