Rosie, a ‘long-timer,’ has never been a popular one, waiting for more than a year

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A good dog named Rosie is a long-timer at the Pennsylvania SPCA where staff has admitted that she has never been one of the “popular” dogs. In fact, Rosie has been at the shelter for more than a year and NOBODY even bothers to ask about her.

In a poignant Facebook post, a shelter volunteer explains Rosie’s sad situation:

Rosie has been at the shelter for over a year now.

She is a good dog, but she is never asked about…she is never chosen. It breaks my heart completely.

Rosie is an eight-year-old senior…with each day that passes she is closer to the end of her life. And those that love her hope that she will be able to spend that time with someone who loves her, in a home, rather than alone in the shelter.

Rosie’s biography states that she has “the best” zoomies, and she loves to play with Frisbees, rope toys and tennis balls. Rosie is best suited to a household without other pets, and a dog-savvy owner. Please help Rosie find her person by sharing her adoption information.

Animal ID47845423 
BreedTerrier, Pit Bull/Mix 
Age8 years 3 months 12 days 
SitePennsylvania SPCA-Philadelphia 

Link to adoptable dog page of Pennsylvania SPCA website here.

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  1. Rally for SAD SENIOR ROSIE! How much more time will she need to wait in her cell? How much time does she have here at all? PLEASE do what you can to HELP ROSIE OUT to finish her time with a family’s LOVE.


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