Dog recovering after someone put a tight rubber band around his muzzle

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On Christmas Eve, an adorable dog dubbed Larry was saved from ongoing, horrible pain. The Maltese mix was taken under the wing of the Pennsylvania SPCA, who recounted what happened:

A tiny Maltese mix, Larry had been brought to ACCT Philly with a severe wound to his muzzle. Suspecting that he may have been the victim of cruelty, the PSPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement team was called.
When Larry arrived into our hospital, our team was shocked to see what appeared to be a wound wrapping all the way around his muzzle. Larry was in pain and wouldn’t allow our team to get a close enough look at just what they were dealing with.

After the veterinary team sedated Larry, they discovered that he had a rubber band encircling his muzzle.


The animal welfare agency said:

His matted fur was also shaved, further uncovering what we already knew – Larry was underweight. We can only imagine how difficult it must have been to eat with a rubber band wrapped around his muzzle.

Larry is receiving veterinary care for his severe injury and the Humane Law Enforcement team is working to find out who did this to him. You can find the Pennsylvania SPCA at this link to Facebook.

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