Disguised grandma walks past dog who recognizes her in an instant

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An Alaskan Malamute who lives in San Francisco has shown all of us pet parents how smart and intuitive our canine pals can be. Meet a dog named Haruki, nicknamed Haru, whose Instagram account has given us one more reason to smile.

Pet grandparents have taken a larger than life importance in our pets lives, and there’s always room for more love – at least that’s how Haru sees it. A recent video shows the adorable pooch out for a walk. The overlay caption tells us how much Haru loves his grandmother. And just as a bit of doggy humor perhaps, grandma covered herself up and walked past Haru as he walked down the street with his mom. Trying to fool Haru? (I don’t think so!)

The video shows Haru walking past his grandma, but seconds later, it all registers, and Haru turns around to greet her with lots of jumps and kisses.

The video was posted on May 10 and has garnered more than 110,000 likes. The comments are so sweet:

Yep, he was like wait a second, I know that Hooman!!

Remember, dogs are used to detect narcotics, cadaver, etc through their sense of smell like compass. And grandma probably smells like cookies & cream


Photos via Instagram

Check out the video:

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