Animal lovers free crocodile from tire that was around her neck for six years

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Palu, Indonesia – Crocodiles may not give most people warm fuzzies, but a true animal lover will appreciate the reptiles and hope to see them safe from harm. An animal lover in Indonesia, with the help of some compassionate friends, recently freed a crocodile from a motorcycle tire that had been stuck around her neck for six years.

According to multiple sources, various people had tried to get the tire off of the crocodile’s neck through the years, but nobody was successful until a 35-year-old bird catcher named Tili got the job done. As reported by NPR, Tili baited a trap with live birds to lure the huge, 14+ foot reptile in. After three weeks, he was met with success, and with the help of two friends, he was able to pull the croc to shore and saw through the tire around her neck.

Bystanders cheered when the crocodile was freed. The crocodile, known as “buaya kalung ban” (crocodile with a tire necklace) was well known to area residents who were happy that she was finally free. After the tire was removed, she was released back into the river.

(Images via screenshot from CNN video)

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