Woman gets stuck in mud on Cleethorpes beach rescuing her dog

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In North East Lincolnshire, England, the Cleethorpes Coastguard came to the aid of a woman and her dog who had become trapped in the dangerous mud in a nearby beach area.

According to Grimsby Live, two “Mud Rescue Techs” were deployed after reports that a woman and her dog were trapped. On Friday, the rescue drama was featured on national television with the rescued woman Amy telling everyone, “I would die for my dog. She is my baby.”

The story recounted how Amy had driven her dog Anthea to the beach, but after the two had hiked for an hour, they both became stuck in the mud. Amy cradled the dog in her arms and feared they would not be rescued and both would die of the cold and the in-coming tide.

Luckily someone spotted the two and called for an emergency rescue. Within 20 minutes the teams arrived. Fortunately, the “Mud Rescue Techs” had practiced rescue efforts in the same mud flat regularly.

“It was like the cavalry coming over the hill. I felt so guilty putting them at risk. But they put me at ease and told me not to worry. I was so grateful. They are reassuring. I was so pleased to see them.”

Amy being interviewed on television

Amy and Anthea had been stuck for 40 minutes. She had gone out to free her dog who had been stuck in the mud, and then they both became stuck. Fortunately, the rescue was a success although it was difficult. No one was injured, and Amy was extremely grateful.

There’s always time and room for good news. Many thanks to the brave teams of rescuers who we so often count on to save our lives and those of our four-legged friends.

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