Blind dog and his support cat love life and have each other to count on

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In Alberta, Canada, the family of Spike, an eight-year-old pup whose eyes had been removed, and his bonded buddy Max, an eight-year-old cat, were surrendered to Saving Grace Animal Society earlier this year.

The two had spent most of their lives living outdoors, and their special relationship began as a means to cuddle together and keep warm in the inclement Canada weather. When Spike developed painful cataracts, his owners had to have his eyes removed. And at that moment, it’s as if Max became the dog’s “support cat.”

“Max just provides a level of comfort and support for him. He can smell him, he can feel him, and so it’s kind of a way to bring his stress and his anxiety down.”

Amanda McClughan from Saving Grace Animal Society

A Facebook post featuring the two bonded companions described Spike as a “happy go lucky boy” and Max as “the yin to his yang.”

“Let us tell you all about the adorable duo that is Spike & Max!

Spike is an 8 yr of medium mixed breed with no eyesight – he is completely blind, but don’t feel bad for him, he LOVES LIFE and is a happy boy. He is most happy when he can rest his head on someone’s lap and he may be blind but you better believe that if you stop petting him he will find you! From what we learned about Spike so far he is just a happy go lucky boy who seems to be great with everything…”

Saving Grace Animal Society

And then there was the description of Max:

“…Max is the yin to his yang – his balance in life. He is the constant that Spike has known throughout his life and because of that it’s imperative they be adopted together. Max is such a character and he’s sure to keep you laughing…”

Saving Grace Animal Society

It wasn’t long before social media reacted and thousands of shares and likes spread throughout the country. And within 11 days the pair were on their way to their new home in Manitoba.

Live long and well Spike and Max.

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