Tearful owner of dying dog enjoys one last ice cream treat with him

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A heartbroken Staffordshire woman whose beloved eight-year-old Boxer/Labrador retriever mix named Marley had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his mouth and didn’t have long to live, wanted to make sure a bucket list of all of Marley’s favorite activities and treats would come true in the short time he had left. And so, his owner, Katie Dixon, held back her tears and got to work.

According to The Mirror, just weeks earlier Dixon and Marley had been inseparable, and when she found a lump in the eight-year-old dog’s mouth, she rushed him to the veterinarian who thought it might have been an abscess and prescribed a regimen of antibiotics. Weeks later, Marley still wasn’t acting like himself and returned to the vet. After additional testing, Marley was diagnosed with a tumor. He underwent surgery to remove it, but not long after the tumor grew back – it was diagnosed as cancerous and fast growing.

Marley was only given a few more weeks to live, but even during the worst of days, the dog still loved ice cream. For years, it had become their ritual that whenever the ice cream truck would come into their neighborhood, Marley would howl and rush out to the truck for his ice cream cone treat. Katie wanted to hear him sing for ice-cream just one more time. So Katie went to Facebook and asked if anyone with an ice cream truck would be willing to drive past her home so Marley could enjoy one more treat.

Jeff Condiffe heard about Katie’s pleas, and drove 20 minutes off of his normal route to deliver ice cream to Marley. As his truck neared their home, he turned on the music and heard Marley howl from his home. The dog bounded out towards the truck and ate his last ice cream cone; it was at that moment that Marley was once again that bouncing puppy who had come into Kate’s life at the most important time.

That special day, Marley had four ice cream cones, and Condiffe said it was one of his most touching moments.

“Thank you so much to Jeff for letting me hear that howl one last time and thank you for making my pooch a very happy boy. Marl enjoyed it with a few family and friends there to watch him. I’ll be forever grateful.”

Kate Dixon

Rest in peace Marley. You were loved by all of us.

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