Social media hearts go out to poor dog left waiting in the pouring rain after his owner pranked him

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The hearts of animal lovers everywhere sank into profound sadness after a dog was left waiting out in the pouring rain after his owner pranked him.

A golden retriever, named Double Seven was videoed as he just waited obediently for his owner who tricked the dog to stop following him to work. The video shows Double Seven sitting outside in the pouring rain at the spot where the car had been waiting for his owner to return.

It is not clear where the event occurred, but the video had been uploaded on Thursday to the popular Chinese app Douyin and was titled:

“My husband went to work in the morning and Double Seven jumped onto the passenger’s seat at the front.”

Online video

And then came the explanation – feel free to comment.

“He told him he had to put his bag at the front and signalled Double Seven to get in the back seat. But when he jumped off the car and ready to hop onto the back, my husband just sped off to work. And this is the response he gives my husband to make him regret of the prank.”

Online video response

Many people thought it was funny, but some people came to Double Seven’s defense calling it mean.

Later that day, a follow-up explanation had been added to social media; perhaps the heartbreaking photo and sad comments made for a change of heart to such a beautiful puppy face. The wife stated she had taken the dog out for a walk on the scooter.

Check out the video:

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