UPDATE: 10-week-old puppy thrown from moving vehicle in rural Georgia as motorists just passed by

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In rural Georgia, a ten-week-old puppy had been thrown from a moving vehicle on Thursday. No one stopped, and witnesses later reported they had seen the apparently puppy’s lifeless body lying on the side of the road for two days. Some passersby thought the puppy had already passed, and others just didn’t care.

And then Animal Care and Control arrived to collect the puppy’s body; that is until they realized the dog was still alive! The officers rushed the puppy to a nearby, local animal shelter, and that is when Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs were called. They immediately agreed to help and made arrangements to rush the puppy to an emergency veterinarian hospital for life-saving treatment.

Sunday’s update on Hope’s condition remains guarded. He has received a blood and plasma transfusion, and although he initially responded by gaining the ability to open his eyes and stand for a few minutes, his red blood cell count has plummeted again – indicating more internal bleeding. Another blood transfusion will be imminent if his numbers continue to drop.

In addition, Hope has a severe infection which is also being addressed with medication.

Critical care veterinarian hospitals are extremely expensive, however this young puppy deserves a chance to live.

“We do not plan to give up on Hope. He has been tortured enough in his short life and we are here to offer him a second chance. We will fight for him till the end. Critical care hospitals are extremely expensive and we could really use your support to cover Hopes medical expenses.”

Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

Please consider making a donation today to his ongoing care by clicking the link below or go to, www.nycsecondchancerescue.org/donate


PayPal: rescue@nycsecondchancerescue.org

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