Rescue pleads for hospice foster for surrendered, elderly shepherd – he ‘doesn’t have much time’

A Missouri-based rescue group is pleading for a hospice foster home for an elderly German shepherd who was surrendered to a shelter by his family. On Friday morning, the Missouri German Shepherd Rescue posted photos of the shepherd, dubbed “Old Man,” writing:

We desperately need a hospice foster home for a senior GSD boy who was dumped in a shelter and doesn’t have much time left. He’s just known right now as “Old Man”
We so want to give him a soft bed, good food, and lots of love for the short time he has left – but to do that we need a very special foster home for him!

Recounting how the senior dog was surrendered, and the sad request made by the people who left him behind:

This old guy was brought to the shelter by a family who said he was a stray but were clearly his owners (the young man tried to convince the older man to get an ‘owner-requested euthanasia’). Poor “Old Man” was in terrible shape – filthy coat, skinny, fly-bitten ears, unable to walk on his own. He had clearly been an outside dog for many years. And now he was left in a strange place surrounded by strangers to end his life in confusion and terror. We met him and our hearts instantly broke.

Can you help?

How huge is your heart?
If you have a big enough heart, and the right kind of set up for Old Man, EMAIL RIGHT AWAY to

The rescue group has outlined what is needed:

WHAT A FOSTER WILL NEED: 1. A place for him with no more than a step or two to go outside (no steps would be ideal). With good food and pain meds, his back end has improved enough that he can now walk slowly and carefully, if a bit wobbly. 2. A way to separate him from other pets if needed. We don’t know how he is with other dogs or cats and have no way of testing him prior to taking him to a foster home. 3. Huge hearts willing to give him the comfort and love he deserves in his final weeks – recognizing that no one knows anything about him other than what we see. We don’t know if he lived with other animals, or around kids, or anything else.

Will I still fit on your lap mom?

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  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Could this treasure benefit from physical therapy? We have had amazing responses from our rescue dogs and cats with physical therapy (including jogging on an underwater treadmill)……. also, we were super careful about diets and supplements. Only gave them what our veterinary clinic recommended……

    From the looks of this elder gentleman, it does not appear that he had much care, let alone veterinary care and a good diet…… really sad how some individuals treat their companion animals…….


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