Dying kittens and puppies found inside of Chinese company’s ‘mystery boxes’ being sold online

Distressed, dying and dead puppies and kittens were discovered inside of crates allegedly being sold by a Chinese company offering “mystery boxes.” As reported by MSN News, animal activists made the grim discovery in the back of a delivery truck.

A translated Weibo post about the discovery reads:

Chengdu volunteers rescued hundreds of cats and puppies that were mailed, many of them were dying. Packing animals in blind boxes and establishing some people’s happiness on the basis of animal suffering or even loss of life is a departure from human nature and an alienation of entertainment. Relevant laws prohibit the delivery of live animals, businesses must comply with them, and express companies should not knowingly commit them. Obeying human nature, respecting the law, and not blind, there will be no blind box that is so bad and out of the ordinary

The activists traced the shipment back to a post on Taobao, a shopping platform similar to Amazon. The mystery boxes were reportedly being sold for the equivalent to $1.50 U.S. MSN shared a post from a reported “mystery box” seller:

We are trying to improve our processes, but we can’t guarantee that the pets will get there 100% alive. If there happens to be an accident, you might be disappointed,” said the man, who customers only knew as “Zhao the pet seller.”

Even though it is illegal to sell live animals in online stores, it is apparently a common practice. Outraged animal lovers are asking for people to boycott companies that participate in the illegal activity. The Chengdu Aizhijia Animal Rescue Center has stated that the seized animals will be placed into suitable homes.


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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Beyond cruel and disgusting…… those poor precious little treasures…….

    I can’t believe how anyone would send animals through the post to unsuspecting purchasers……

    What happens when an “unwanted breed” is sent? This is NOT a responsible means to sell pets (& is actually illegal)…… in an “ideal world”, the seller/mailer should be arrested and charged with felonies for each death….. given that this is taking place in China, I don’t know what their laws are, just that it’s illegal to sell live animals in this manner…..


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