Puppy tied to a shopping cart and submerged in water rescued by Good Samaritan

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In Gloversville, New York, a Good Samaritan came across a dog tied to a shopping cart which had been nearly submerged next to the Cayudetta Creek. The German shepherd mix was terrified and had been crying and shaking uncontrollably when Dennis Bingham found him. After searching the area for his owner and slowly gaining the puppy’s trust enough to untie him, Dennis called the police.

Dennis Bingham’s Facebook photo

The Fulton County Regional SPCA -NY put out a plea for help identifying the dog and on October 10, 2021 reached out to social media:

Fulton County Regional SPCA – NY

   “FRIENDS WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! This little pup was found tied to a shopping cart which was submerged in the water and he was left for dead near South Boulevard in Gloversville NY. If you recognize this puppy or the collar and leash please contact us or the Gloversville Police Department. It’s now time for us to come together and do what’s right!!! 518-736-2100.”

In an odd follow-up, the owner of the dog came forward and said she was not responsible for what happened to her dog and hopes she can have her puppy returned to her. The puppy’s owner Cheyenne Baird stepped forward as soon as she knew it was her dog that had been abandoned.

“I called the shelter and the cops as soon as I found out. We do not know what actually happened. I don’t care how anyone feels about me nor do I care what any of you think about me. Yes, I will be getting my dog back because this wasn’t my fault, and no I don’t know if charges are being pressed. To the scumbag that did this, I can’t wait for you to go to jail because if police don’t press charges I am.”

Cheyenne Baird

Officials have confirmed the dog was in good health, as Cheyenne explained that she would never have abandoned her dog. When the dog was found, Baird’s boyfriend’s mother had allegedly been watching the puppy and claimed the dog ran away and couldn’t be found.

“I just want people to know that I would not do that to a dog. Yes, I was wrong for letting someone watch my dog, so I didn’t leave it at home for hours. I didn’t leave my dog. Everyone is saying I left my dog, and I didn’t leave my dog.”

Cheyenne Baird

Baird has two other German shepherds and insists she takes good care of her pets. She received several messages on social media questioning her dog parenting ability. It is not known how the dog ended up tied to a shopping cart in the water. At this time the puppy will remain in the care of authorities until the investigation is completed.

We can never remind people enough to make sure you know who is caring for your pets when you are away. We are all glad the puppy is safe.

(Photos screenshots via FB)

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